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Recent content by Paul Thomas

  1. Paul Thomas

    Keith Speer

    Sad news indeed....
  2. Paul Thomas

    New Severn record

    A record to be very proud of Kev....:cool:
  3. Paul Thomas


    Andrew, I do a fair bit of this style of angling....I use circle hooks in quite big sizes and have yet to buy a proper weight....AAA shot pinched on loosely works well:)
  4. Paul Thomas


    Some nice stripes there mucker :) The bottom pictures - caught after dark?? Paul
  5. Paul Thomas


    Instant angler - just add water!!
  6. Paul Thomas

    Tony Miles

    All the best Tony...
  7. Paul Thomas

    Deadbait rods?

    +1 for Marty....quality workmanship that cannot be beaten IMO:cool:
  8. Paul Thomas

    river carp advice

    Floaters for me....nothing more traditional than a lump of flake freelined ;)
  9. Paul Thomas

    Camera Adaptor for Smartphone

    Looks good....my smartphone has a better camera than my camera has:eek: Just bought one for use real soon - with any luck!!?? Paul
  10. Paul Thomas


    Quality drawing of a quality Perch:D It was me that had the picture drawn that you refer to in your post and without wishing to hijack the thread I'd like to take this opportunity to re-introduce the artist, my daughter Jessica....I have cut and pasted this from the social forum: Jessica...
  11. Paul Thomas

    Not long now fellas!

    Jeff, I have the lower river in town here in Tewkesbury so I'm a bit spoilt really....the river looks really appealing for Zander this morning, especially with a few feet of warm extra on....roll on the 16th:)
  12. Paul Thomas

    Not long now fellas!

    I might just be out on the 7rn after a Zander or two....
  13. Paul Thomas


    Cracker :)
  14. Paul Thomas

    long shot but wanted pair of 3.25tc Torrix

    If these are custom built by Marty you'll not be disappointed;) Paul
  15. Paul Thomas

    Message for Mr Collett

    Paul, No-one in particular....just know that Steve is a good guy - end of.