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  • A
    Andrew Richardson replied to the thread more powerful rod.
    Ooh errr misses
  • K
    Kevin Daly replied to the thread BFAMY..
    I prefer to do it rather than read it.....each to there own.
  • John Newman
    John Newman reacted to Richard Isaacs's post in the thread My daughters first barbel with Like Like.
    I’ve been doing ok on my new club water with the odd bronzy showing up and last Saturday my 9 year old daughter wanted to accompany me...
  • J
    Julian Peacock replied to the thread Best hemp?.
    I think you are a tad out with your estimation of cost there Mike!!
  • Ian Murfin
    Have you got a link for the online carte de peche, Mark? I always try for the odd day fishing when on hols in France but often struggle...
  • K
    Kevin Daly replied to the thread Best hemp?.
    Another vote for this company, perhaps it's being 60 plus but my times a bit more precious nowadays, so rather than soak/boil I buy...
  • K
    Kevin Daly replied to the thread Feeders for the Wye.
    Andy, go and see woody in his shop.....he will give you the knowledge of how the rivers fishing and any other questions you have will be...