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Recent content by Paul Garner

  1. Paul Garner

    New Hinders Elips.

    Andy, way back I used to have some sales literature from EWOS that stated exactly that. Although, who believes sales literature :rolleyes:
  2. Paul Garner

    Tench 2014 season.

    That's a cracker Duncan, good luck to you and the guys for the rest of the year
  3. Paul Garner

    The perfect canine companion - which dog?

    That would be Raccoons, what did you think he hunted?
  4. Paul Garner

    The perfect canine companion - which dog?

    Almost any kind of hound dog (I have a Walker Coonhound, very similar to an English Foxhound). Great temperaments and not too water friendly that they're going to go jumping in your swim. However they do need quite a lot of exercise. Almost any dog is a good dog though if it's a rescue :)
  5. Paul Garner

    flyfishing day.

    Always loved these days and learnt how to cast a fly for the first time. Fly fish a bit over here now thanks to that (and catch more than the locals)
  6. Paul Garner

    river feeder rod

    Not sure if they still make them or what the model numbers are anymore since moving over here but the various Daiwa 11/13ft feeder rods have always been pretty good. They take a range of quivers and you can usually buy a separate method top as well, so gives you a lot of options.
  7. Paul Garner

    How do you cast in the dark?

    Err, the obvious really. I pick a swim where I can underarm cast down the inside.
  8. Paul Garner

    odyssey xxx

    Hell it's so poor in fact I doubt you'll even sell it in England, you may as well ship it over to me to get rid of it.
  9. Paul Garner

    What Shelter/Brollie thingy?

    Maybe a touch heavier than you're after but the original JRC Stealth takes a lot of beating. I haven't seen a MK2 but I would imagine it is of similar quality. That also gives you the advantage of the zip in front if you want to do longer stays and it had it's own carry bag. A few of the WBC...
  10. Paul Garner

    Pollution of The Thames

    Stephen, if it were negligence then at least we could console ourselves with the misguided belief that lessons might have been learnt and things may improve. However I believe it just comes down to pure economics; it's a whole lot cheaper to just pay the fines.
  11. Paul Garner

    Pollution of The Thames

    Yep, or stillwater Barbel
  12. Paul Garner

    Pollution of The Thames

    Yep and the pathetic fines are no deterrent at all
  13. Paul Garner

    Bogus Environment Agency Officers

    It wouldn't be a story if there wasn't so many people fishing without licenses. Surely that's more to the point.
  14. Paul Garner

    2.25 tc rods

    Hi Luke, not sure if this would suit you (or if you have seen it) but David Hall is selling a 2.25 Chimera over on the Colne river reports thread
  15. Paul Garner

    Best value river fishing permits

    Although nowhere near as good as it used to be you would still go a long way to beat the BAA