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    Albert Watkinson

    RIP Albert.
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    Skretting Pellet Sale

    I used to live around the corner from this outfit a few years back. Went in twice across three years and to say their tackle is poor is understatement. I really, really tried to buy something as I have never gone out of a tackle shop empty handed - ever. Kinda felt a bit soiled by the very...
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    Humminbird Smartcast - help!!

    I reiterate Jon Fs comments. I had £200 smart cast version, spent probably another £120+ on yellow floats. Great when you can get it working but that was only 5% of the time, wasted a lot of cash and time - never, never again....
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    Milk based HNV baits ?

    How very true. And furthermore, you can spend more time making the bait than just getting on with the fishing...
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    Milk based HNV baits ?

    Regarding freezing of proteins - not certain on this but if the protein based food (containing fresh amino acids) are undamaged prior to freezing, then I don't think that freezing effects the protein structure that much. For instance, cryopreservation of tissues from semen to ovarian...
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    Milk based HNV baits ?

    Evening all, Interesting thread. Protein denaturation - there's a throw back to my biology college days. Wiki amply describes this well: "Denaturation is a process in which proteins or nucleic acids lose the quaternary structure, tertiary structure and secondary structure which is present in...
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    cheap hooks?

    I mostly use the size 10s & agreed they can be brittle if you catch a snag they can break on the bend - I think it was the acute angle pressure from the bend to the tip, which again suited me as I pretty almost retrieve all terminal tackle & nothing remains in the water. Then again, most here...
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    Reuben Heaton 9000 Digital Scales?

    Hi Bill, Many thanks for taking the time to undertake your experiment, feedback and the results are quite reassuring... Cheers, Jon
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    Reuben Heaton 9000 Digital Scales?

    Interesting to hear that they might not work so well in low temps. Any thoughts why this would be so... Just would like to understand their potential limitations before becoming a cropper..! I can kinda understand batteries less effective (could counter this by keeping warm/immerse bagged in...
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    Reuben Heaton 9000 Digital Scales?

    Just bought a set from ebay 2 weeks ago, delivered for approx £33.00. Weighed water of varying volumes in a builders bucket & contrasted readings with a new set of dial Reubans & they were pretty much bang (+ 2oz, exactly as stated above) on from a few pound to 45lb+. If anything, they were...
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    homepage pic

    cracking fish & what a lump... well done
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    Hooking Chum Mixers

    Use black foam instead - once you get the hang of this you'll never use a biscuit hookbait again!
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    Nash Deliverance Ball Maker

    A trick piece of compact kit - I can see this as a new addition to kit bag ready for the new season. I play around with a variety of ingredients & can see clear advantages to this. Nice one Mark for the thread. Cheers, Jon
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    River Erewash

    Hi Adrian, Its a lovely spot at Attenborough Nature reserve / confluence to the Trent - spent a fair bit of time on my bike round there when I used to be a study-ant at Notts. There's an (slightly) similar flow regime on the Anker around Polesworth where there's three sizeable inline lakes and...
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    River Erewash

    Hi Ady, Firstly welcome to BFW. It's only recently that the Erewash has started to come back into a reasonable state having a legacy of industrial/sewage/urban inputs with relatively little dilution. I think it still receives the odd pollution that keeps its quality subdued. This is why I'd...