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    EA Close Season Consultation

    Hi guys Not posted for a long while but still check in each day. This came by email earlier, let the debate begin.. again Cheers https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/fisheries/consultation-on-the-review-of-the-close-season/
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    River Thames Poaching

    Cant disagree with that Graham, let hope (always hope :)) that they do increase the patrols and its an isolated incident. The irony is that the EA have approved, in fact welcomed the proposed massive industrial hydropower plant that will take out a section of Teddington weir. Oh they do get a...
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    River Thames Poaching

    Good point Graham but I know the fisheries guys and some of the enforcement and they do take it very seriously. Problem though is so little resources for a river like the Thames where below Staines its all free fishing. Thing highlighted here is that the rivers are quiet, not much being...
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    River Thames Poaching

    Watching the video was very depressing and well done to FYH for finding and reporting it. Not sure about the comment about the EA not interested, they are all over it? https://www.gov.uk/government/news/appeal-for-information-following-illegal-fishing-in-london Lets hope they do step up the...
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    Keith Speer

    A very sad day. A great man, great angler, totally stunned by this news. Thoughts are with his family and very many friends here and beyond RIP Zanderman
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    New River Levels Website fishinginfo.co.uk launched by Angling Trust

    River temperatures are a different beast altogether, from what we get down on the Thames they comes from the AWQMS, not the gauging stations as with levels. Plus the Thames and tribs are fairly unique as having many fixed monitoring stations. Just for info this came out earlier this year Angling...
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    looking for a new float rod

    Drennan Alcolyte Ultra is stunning if you have the cash, on my list to save up for :)
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    The bigger picture & the biggest problem

    This is worth a read to get the bigger picture of where the money goes, worth noting the size of the GIA that fisheries get. http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/static/documents/Leisure/Full_annual_report_-_final.pdf Going back to an original point, there are licenced discharges on most...
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    September 2012 Fish of the Month Sponsored by Pallatrax

    Some cracking fish there, so hard to choose and well done to everyone. Despite being a Thames man, the Hampshire Avon 14.13 is a stunner :)
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    Rise and Fall

    Cracking fish Keith, well done matey :)
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    River Blackwater pollution.

    More sewage, not good. And to depress you even more.. Raw sewage floods river full of wildlife (From Times Series) Shows how vulnerable our rivers are from infrastructure failures, default mode is to pollute :(
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    The Thames home page 15

    I will 2nd that Stephen, best Barbel I have seen off the Thames this year and a great pic. Well done again Paul :)
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    Flooding and drought?

    Forward planning by OFWAT, err 20 years to late Water providers must help drought-hit areas, says Ofwat - Telegraph
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    Low head turbine at Nafford weir

    Guys this is from one of the local papers, my geography is poor so not sure if its the same. Hydropower scheme a possibility | Evesham Observer Group awarded grant to get electricity from weir (From Cotswold Journal) We (TAC) have been campaigning against Thames Hydropower so can hopefully...
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    First Casualty

    One of the first rivers I fished as a kid, fond memories of Croxley, this is very bad news. If anyones spots fish in distress tell the EA asap, think they are going to have a busy summer unless it rains.