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  1. Darren Roberts

    Dead Cow weights

    Anchor make some good dead cow weight that fit straight onto kamazan black caps I tend to make my own leads,£2/kg from the local scrap yard
  2. Darren Roberts

    D handle or other options.

    You can buy the European version of the D with a handle similar to the OC reels
  3. Darren Roberts

    New barbel rod

    I would get the 13ft korum 2.5’s, 8oz + is no problem for these rods.
  4. Darren Roberts

    2 x Fox Specialist RD3238 12’ 1.00lb TC rods

    I recently purchased these from eBay but didn’t realise that the quiver tip is fixed and I prefer to be able to swap tips when needed. Listed for the price I paid The rods are in very good condition with no damage or repairs. Fuji guides throughout and Fuji screw reel seats. Each rods comes...
  5. Darren Roberts

    looking for a new pair of reels for ipowers

    Shimano 4000oc’s or 4000D I use them on my 1.75’s and think they are spot on
  6. Darren Roberts


    I’ve got the zip (most basic version) and I think it’s great. I only use it half a dozen times a year as my sessions tend to be short, but I’ve had no complaints, gas lasts a while so no issues there.
  7. Darren Roberts


    There’s a pair on Facebook-
  8. Darren Roberts

    River Tees petition, please sign and share.

    Signed, best of luck 👍🏼
  9. Darren Roberts

    River Tees petition, please sign and share.

    Link doesn’t work
  10. Darren Roberts

    Recommendation for a 13ft Barbel rod for floodwater

    I’ve got a pair of the newer 13ft 2.5lb Korum Rods and think they are great. I was searching for the older 13ft wychwood rods for a long time and got sick of not finding any, so took a chance on these and am glad I did. Don’t be put off by the price, as they are a good but of kit. First session...
  11. Darren Roberts

    Baitrunner OC 8000 any reviews

    I have 4000oc’s for normal 1.75lb work, then use 6000oc’s for big river/flood conditions ( and pike fishing). Had them a few years now, no issues whatsoever, I highly recommend these reels to anyone.