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Technical and factual articles
Tales and Stories
BFW Fish-in reports

Latest Articles & Features Author
Never Go Back   (Jan '12) Andy Childs
BFW Hampton Loade Fish-in, July 23rd 2011   (Sep '11) Dean Aston
Targeting Bigger Barbel - Part 2   (May '11) Ian Grant
Floatfishing for Barbel   (Jun '10) Keith Speer
Targeting Bigger Barbel   (May '10) Ian Grant
Maggots and how to make the most of them   (May '10) Keith Speer

Technical and factual articles Author
The Barbel Society's Handling Code - article repro Barbel Society
River Records Dave Mason & BFW
A Centrepin Database Paul Whiteing
Targeting Bigger Barbel - Part 2   (May '11) Ian Grant
Floatfishing for Barbel   (Jun '10) Keith Speer
Targeting Bigger Barbel   (May '10) Ian Grant
Maggots and how to make the most of them   (May '10) Keith Speer
A Guide to the Planning Process and Objecting to a Planning Application Phil Hackett
Pallatrax Products for the Barbel Angler Tony Miles
DIY Cage Feeders    CronkYVoddy
DIY Flood Leads   Steve Williams
Mods to a Powerstretch (and similar) L/net Handle Paul Whiteing
PVA Permutations Mark Anderson
Before you ask what test curve, read this ...... Gary Staddon
"Updated" Centrepins and Using Them, Especially for Barbel Fishing Paul Whiteing
Grice & Young - A good choice for barbel? Rob Keywood
The Bait Pyramid Mike Wilson
The Complete Barbel Book Guide John Smith
Lessons Learnt Mark Walker
Stalking Success

Mick Wood (Barbel Catchers Club)

The Mahseer Knot Steve Stayner
Barbel fishing for beginners

Tony Miles

Prebaiting for summer barbel

Tony Miles

Barbel fishing techniques Tony Miles
Winter barbel fishing Graham Marsden
Fishing weirpools for barbel Graham Marsden
Barbus barbus...Ruler Of The river Or Prince Of The Pool Stewart Bloor
Barbel on the pole Denis Darkin
Building a barbel rod from a carbon fibre blank Stephen Hastie
DIY large baitdropper Allan Marshall
DIY strong landing net handle Allan Marshall
DIY modern barbel baits Lee Fletcher
DIY wormery Bob Gill

Rod Making in the 21st century

Roger McCourtney
What is a "Syndicate"? Roger McCourtney
Rod maintenance Roger McCourtney
Quiverin' Bluejeans Dick Dowing
The Limited 'Sit and Wait' Approach Liam Smyth
BFW Swim Analysis BFW
Quick tips BFW
Stillwater barbel - the facts The Barbel Society
Rigs and tips BFW

Tales and stories Author
Never Go Back Andy Childs
Hooked on Barbel - Update Alistair Hopkins
Hooked on Barbel Alistair Hopkins
Catmaster Tours - Catfish and Carp fishing on Spanish rivers Nic Cole
The Yorkshire Ouse - Barbel Fishing, Challenges and Rewards Mike Hodgkiss
Early Barbel Forays on Yorkshire's River Nidd Mike Hodgkiss
The Fork in the Road Mark Anderson
Sizzling September Mark Walker
A Season of Change Jon Callan
Floody Hell Steve Williams
Hampshire Avon - Then and Now Derek Lewis
Most Memorable Barbel Fishing Sessions bfw members
The Bitter and the Oh So Sweet Ian Law
A New Season Graham Elliott
Summer Rain Brent Baker
Red Letter Day Chris Tribe
A Brace, Three Bites and Some Bad Breaks Chris Netto
Why Can't I Derek Lewis
The Magic of Martin Hooper Derek Lewis
Hunch or Habit Huw James
A Perfect Day Dave Brittain
Richard Walker Remembered Derek Lewis
Knowledge is the bomb Jeremy Brown
I saw her again today Graham Elliott
BFW Story & Article Competition Various
Brotherly Love Graham Elliott
Operation "Double Take" Ian Phillips
A Season On The Thames Jon Callan
My Short Story Darren George
Unfinished Business Chris Netto
Barbel Blanks Mark Walker
New Food For Thought John Milnes
My Swim Mark Street
The Fear Factor Paul Hayes
The Seven P's Dave Middlemore
2 Cold Days on the Kennet Mike Berridge
Dreaming of a Tees whisker Ian Mascall
My Fishy Tales - June 2003 to October 2003 Malcolm Clarke
My Fishy Tales - October 2003 to March 2004 Malcolm Clarke
Debut on the Dove Stewart Bloor
River Peace Graham Elliott
Christmas Spirit Lee Fletcher
A Memorable Session, Amid the Storm Lee Fletcher
Watchmen Dick Dowing
Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks Keith Truscott
The Darkening Graham Elliott
First Night Dick Dowing
A Good Night Jon Callan
A Tale of Two Rivers Pete Falloon
River Kennet - Lucky for Some Graham Elliott
Personal Best Peter Foster
My First Barbel Peter Foster
New Beginnings Paul Thompson
New Beginnings part 2 Paul Thompson
Last Day Graham Elliott
The Expert Graham Elliott
Fishing Ad Graham Elliott
Good Fortune Graham Elliott
Opening Week Mike Berridge
14 Days in Barbel Heaven Jon Callan
My Mistress, My Season Paul Thompson
My Mistress, My Season (Part 2) Paul Thompson

BFW fish-in reports Author
BFW Hampton Loade Fish-in, July 23rd 2011 Dean Aston
BFW Loddon 2007 "oldies v kiddies" Graham Elliott
BFW Wye Fish-in August 2005 Malcolm Clarke
BFW Fluff Flinging Day 2005 Paul Swift
BFW Tsunami Fundraising Claire Frances
BFW Tsunami Thames Fish-in 2005 Claire Frances
BFW Tsunami Bristol Avon Fish-in 2005 Claire Frances
BFW Throop Fish-in 2004 Claire Frances
BFW Fluff Flinging Day 2004 Steve Richardson
The Wye 2003 Mike Berridge
Fluff flinging 2003 Paul Whiteing
Fluff flinging 2002 Paul Whiteing
The Wye 2002 Rayo
The Loddon 2002 Dan Whitelock
The Royalty 2001 Andy Davies

Just a Thought Author
Number 1 Andy Thatcher
Number 2 Andy Thatcher

Nick's Barbel Diary Author
Updated throughout the season with light-hearted fun Nick Coulhurst

Bloor's Barbel Bulletin Author
Updated until Feb '04 Stewart Bloor
Stewart's later bulletins can be found on his own web site  

BFW Rotary Letter Author
BFW Letter BFW Members
BFW Letter Jon Callan & Paul Thompson

BFW Competitions Author
BFW Competitions Claire Frances

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