The ingredients below, will make an 8ft 6in twist lock handle and it will lock at itís maximum extension.

You will require the following components to make the handle.

1/ One six foot Tri Cast landing net pole or similar

2/ A cheap short extending landing net handle

3/ Some strong THIN cord (Carpet Thread)

4/ Araldite.

5/ Three inches of old cycle inner tube

6/ Some sandpaper

7/Super Glue

8/ A junior hack saw

Right thatís the ingredients now...

The recipe

1. Take apart the extending handle. Leave off the butt cap and push the bottom end down the six-foot pole. As you can see it gets tight and if you are not the handy sort then this is the only tricky bit! Push the large end down the long pole until it gets tight, now cut off very small amounts, you will now have worked out that by cutting bits off, the outer bit goes further down the pole.

Donít cut too much off it needs to be fairly tight on the pole.

2. If all is well you should now have a sliding extension of about two feet six or more. Now slide the extension out of the way. Take the strong thread and whip up from the bottom of the six-foot pole about two inches (5cm). This is the locking device and it also stops the two pieces coming apart. Once you have done this, gently slide the extension down. See what it feels like. Slide the extension out of the way. Mix up some Araldite and cover the whipping with it smoothly, try not to make it too thick. Let it set (Go Fishing).

When the Araldite is dry extend the two pieces and twist, this will now lock. You might have to sand the Araldite to make it grip, and make the twist action feel nice.

3. Lastly stretch the inner tube over the long handle. Push or roll it down until it gets to the join, this is the dirt seal, stretch it over the bottom end, and super glue one inch (2.5cm) of it. This will make the whole thing dirt proof, and take out any slight movement. It will also feel smooth, when you extend the handle. Re fit the butt cap.

JOB DONE! Any Problems please do not hesitate to mail me. It is inexpensive, and I hope that it gives you as many years service as mine has given me

Allan Marshall