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Mirage Fluorocarbon line is manufactured in Japan by the world’s leading manufacturer using unique resins and processes. It offers the highest level of performance in terms of abrasion resistance, memory and knot strength, making it an extremely user friendly product.

As well as a reel line on larger capacity spools, Gardner Tackle also supplies Mirage in convenient and economical 100m spools across a wide range of breaking strains and diameters, that are perfect for a wide and varied array of angling disciplines.

The higher breaking strains of Mirage have proven extremely effective and popular as a strong semi stiff hooklink material that is perfect for use with stiff rigs and as the boom section on hinged stiff rigs.

The mid-range lines have proven popular as leader materials, and a number of the team here at Gardner use the 18lb version (0.40mm) as a low visibility leader material in conjunction copolymer main lines. That way they get the benefit of the heavy low visible Fluorocarbon down near the terminal tackle without suffering from any of the potential limitations of casting a pure Fluorocarbon main line (particularly at long range).

As there is a wide variety of breaking strains available there are options for anglers looking for ‘one shot’ reel line options, as hooklink or leader material for all disciplines; coarse, carp, specimen or sea angling. 100m spools offer amazing value when compared to smaller capacity spools.

When knotting fluorocarbon we recommend a tucked Blood for consistency. As anglers we always recommend customers test all knots thoroughly, whichever line and knot combination are being used, to ensure that they are performing adequately.

Other benefits of Fluorocarbon include:

  • Nearly invisible under water. The refractive index of 1.42 is very close to that of water making Mirage very hard to see.
  • High abrasion resistance and a long life span. Fluorocarbon copes with a lot of ‘wear and tear’.
  • Fluorocarbon does not absorb water (Non hydroscopic) and will not lose knot strength after long periods immersed in water.
  • UV Resistant means it does not deteriorate in sunlight.
  • Rated breaking strain is based on knot strength.

Mirage is available on:

  • Available from BFW on 100m Spools in breaking strains of 12lb.

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