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Photos of river scenes

Gary Cream

Senior Member
Here`s a few more I found
I first fished Dobbs Weir when I was about 6 year sold with my Dad we used to stay in a caravan site on the opposite side of the weir across the road. Barbel wasn`t the target then we fished for anything.

I was their about 7 years ago and was told the caravan site was closing and the land had been sold
I took these pictures about 7 years ago still looked amazing

Terry Harman

Senior Member
Was just downstream today, at Fishers Green.
50 yrs ago both venues were relatively clear, now they're like jungles.
The fishing hasn't improved.
Unless you like fishing for one bite every few weeks for one abnormally large fish, Barbel or Chub.
Did possibly see/hear an Otter, maybe a deer. Green eyes?
There is supposedly an otter on fishers green with no back legs !! Not sure how true the story is though ... and yeah the fishing is tough.... but it’s a nice place to be blanking

Dave Brooksbank

Senior Member
Photos taken today.This bit of the Thames is on my doorstep and you would think there must be a Barbel lurking around, but I have to say the few all night sessions I've done here over the last few seasons have only produced chub.Wind the clock back 10 to 20 years and the Barbel would have been here.Other stretches I have to travel to do produce fish but this new season as well as the mighty Thames will be going back to my local RK