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Photos of river scenes

Julian Marshall

Senior Member
Well it`s not mine & there`s probably no barbel for hundreds of miles but it`s lovely:
I use this website for astronomy stuff & there is an interesting photo every day

A Northern Summer's Night
Image Credit & License: Ruslan Merzlyakov (RMS Photography)
Explanation: Near a summer's midnight a mist haunts the river bank in this dreamlike skyscape taken on July 3rd from northern Denmark. Reddened light from the Sun a little below the horizon gives an eerie tint to low hanging clouds. Formed near the edge of space, the silvery apparitions above them are noctilucent or night shining clouds. The icy condensations on meteoric dust or volcanic ash are still in full sunlight at the extreme altitudes of the mesophere. Usually seen at high latitudes in summer months, wide spread displays of the noctilucent clouds are now being reported.

Terry Simner

Senior Member
Brill pic Mike ... do any good? I wasted a couple of hours on the Middle Teme.

Neil Smart

Senior Member
Bit further down.....

Had a couple, biggest exactly 10lb, which I think is a first for me (refused to settle on 9.15 or 10.1)
Well in Mike, perhaps you might do an old bloke a favour and help me with any water available below Kempsey, a couple of summers back I walked the area and was unable to contact the clubs / owners who had the rights. PM me might be best if you can.

Alex Warren

Great shot Alex, but did you catch anything?

Three chevins, biggest 5lb 11oz. I lost something that felt barbel-esque on the first cast. There’s a few nasty boulders under that bridge! My old man fished the next peg upstream and lost a 5lb+ barbel, also on the first cast (hook pull). All on maggot feeder tactics. Not a sniff on meat and cheese paste on the ‘sleeper’ rods all day. Hoping to get another session in before the next predicted cold snap.