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Photos of river scenes

David Clewer

Senior Member
Three chevins, biggest 5lb 11oz. I lost something that felt barbel-esque on the first cast. There’s a few nasty boulders under that bridge! My old man fished the next peg upstream and lost a 5lb+ barbel, also on the first cast (hook pull). All on maggot feeder tactics. Not a sniff on meat and cheese paste on the ‘sleeper’ rods all day. Hoping to get another session in before the next predicted cold snap.
Not a bad day then Alex, but could have been better.....

Shame about the lost fish and it is surprising how what is a good bait one day is totally ignored another....!?!? As the saying goes, if it was catching, it wouldn't be called fishing!


Paul Collins

Senior Member
Was just downstream today, at Fishers Green.
50 yrs ago both venues were relatively clear, now they're like jungles.
The fishing hasn't improved.
Unless you like fishing for one bite every few weeks for one abnormally large fish, Barbel or Chub.
Did possibly see/hear an Otter, maybe a deer. Green eyes?