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new fishing jacket

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Tony Byrne, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Tony Byrne

    Tony Byrne Senior Member

    can anyone recommend a good light weight windproof and waterproof jacket
    zip has just fell to bits on my old one
  2. Martin Porter

    Martin Porter Member

  3. Jason Bean

    Jason Bean Senior Member

    How much you got to spend?
  4. Tony Byrne

    Tony Byrne Senior Member

    say about £80
  5. Jason Bean

    Jason Bean Senior Member

  6. Dave Brooksbank

    Dave Brooksbank Senior Member

    I can highly recommend Millitry1st for any of there clothing range, Helikon-Tex is superb Quality . They don't supply cheap Flea-bay rubbish.
  7. Paul Collins

    Paul Collins Senior Member

    I'll second that about the Military 1st gear and I'd get one of those jackets if I needed one.
    ESP stuff made by Drennan is also excellent.
    Got a Daiwa game wading jacket not long ago also excellent, 3/4 length also available.
  8. Ian Sewter

    Ian Sewter Senior Member

    The zip went on my jacket which was still good. So I took it into a backstreet tailors who put a new zip in for £12
  9. Tony Byrne

    Tony Byrne Senior Member

    Not bad for a new zip might do that because the jacket is still good thanks for the suggestions lads
  10. Luke Agacy

    Luke Agacy Senior Member

    Get yourself to TK Maxx. They have loads of skiing and outdoor jackets for cheap. Craighoppers, Helly Hansen etc.
  11. Anthony Pearson

    Anthony Pearson Senior Member

  12. Jon Young

    Jon Young Senior Member

    I’d also go army gortex. Had mine 11 years. Paid 25 quid for coat and trousers although the trousers are a tad tight these days and I have tore them right on the bum so when it rains and there is a puddle on my chair I get a wet arse
  13. Ian Sewter

    Ian Sewter Senior Member

    You sure its the rain!
  14. Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons Senior Member

  15. Anthony Pearson

    Anthony Pearson Senior Member

    This is worth a few minutes of your time if you want to understand waterproof ratings and breathability rates. Whilst specifically referring to skiing wear, it nevertheless can be applied to fishing scenarios.


    For example, the MIL-TEC ECWCS JACKET WITH FLEECE OLIVE sold by Military 1st may look enticing, but isn't that waterproof nor is it very breathable according to the technical specifications discussed in the link I've attached.
  16. John Newman

    John Newman Senior Member

    We kitted all our club bailffs out with jackets from Military 1st. I notice they are offering a 15% Halloween discount at the moment. We also got a discount for our bulk buy.
  17. Jon Frisby

    Jon Frisby Senior Member

    Snugpak puffa Jacket. Mil goretex over the top. Or upgrade to snugpak salopettes and lol goretex trousers. Snug as and will last for years.
  18. James Ransted

    James Ransted Member

    Snugpak , as Jon said above, are a great shout for warm lightweight jackets. I saw they are also offering a new waterproof version called the Torrent but it is very new on the market I believe.
  19. Anthony Pearson

    Anthony Pearson Senior Member

  20. Steve Walker

    Steve Walker Senior Member

    I've just bought a Fox chunk hydro jacket...............


    Very impressed with the quality although it hasn't had a proper test in the rain yet.It's got good waterproof and breathable ratings and the XL is a loose fit for me so it's possible to use several layers in the winter.

    It might be more than the OP wants to pay at £160rrp and most internet sites are selling them for around £130-£140 but the local angling shop has them on offer at £114.99 which I was happy to pay. :)