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new fishing jacket

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Tony Byrne, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Andy Bell

    Andy Bell Senior Member

    Jason, you just take the inner out of the jacket....but i used to work up in the FAR north, then the inner is a real bonus....

    Stephen, You can do it all up-front when placing your order on their website

    Gets used mostly as my dog walking coat these days....

  2. Anthony Pearson

    Anthony Pearson Senior Member

    Sorry to bang on about army gear, but this is usually GORE-TEX too...at a fraction of the price! Yes, it's gloriously camouflaged which won't appeal to everyone but if you can live with that it's a no-brainer IMO. Remember to only buy new...not used.

    You can then choose all the layers in the world to wear underneath :)
  3. Gerry Giles

    Gerry Giles Senior Member

    May be worth looking on Military1st website as today black friday deal

    15% off across all categories with Discount Code FRIDAY17 free delivery and free returns
  4. Tony Byrne

    Tony Byrne Senior Member

  5. Greg Buxton

    Greg Buxton Member

  6. Andy Bebbington

    Andy Bebbington Senior Member

    Berghaus can`t fault it.
  7. Derek Funcks

    Derek Funcks Senior Member

  8. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    errrrr "fishing" and the "G" word in the same post


  9. Derek Funcks

    Derek Funcks Senior Member

    :D:D:D Sorry Boss, :eek:;):eek:
  10. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    That's ok Derek. You'll escape a ban as long as you don't say "fixed spool" as well. :D