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new fishing jacket

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Tony Byrne, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons Senior Member

  2. Jason Bean

    Jason Bean Senior Member

    cheers Rich...ive bought a quite a few things from them now and very pleased but like Anthony says the spec on them doesn't compare to other waterproof stuff but that's only sales talk at the end of the day and not what it actually does on the bank when its peeing it down and your covered in mud and slime.

    I've bought a lot of goretex over the years and to be honest it's good and so it should be for the money(unless army), but the my problem is I only wear it when it rains and then it tends to get very muddy as I rove a lot and then it need washing regularly and once you start doing that with goretex you just may as well be using other fabrics and just re-proof with the likes of nikwax.
  3. Stephen Crowhurst

    Stephen Crowhurst Senior Member

    I have three jackets I use. A lightweight and tbh crap as anything other than a wind breaker, a shower cones through the shoulders after not long Animal camouflage one that I use for summer and autumn. Then two Karrimor ones a cheap one I got from sports direct which is a light jacket, can’t fault it for about £40. The other is a 3/4 length outer that you can zip a fleece etc into that was a lot more which I’ve had for years and is a serious jacket. You can stand in a full on thunderstorm in it and be bone dry and warm.
  4. Steve Reed

    Steve Reed Senior Member

    I have just taken delivery of one of the military 1st jackets which looks and feels great. Slightly shorter in the body that my other fishing jackets which is fine as long as I can find some salopettes of similar quality to complete the outfit. Anyone sourced a decent pair of salopettes? I prefer these to trousers as I always end up with cold getting in around the midriff unless I go 'bib and brace' style.

  5. Cliff Turner

    Cliff Turner Senior Member

    Steve, which one did you get ? Also how does the size seem ?
  6. Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons Senior Member

    Cliff - I bought the XL from Jason's link. I'm 6'2" with a 44" chest and it's a good fit with the lining in or out. The waist tie (as far as I can tell) only works with the lining removed.
  7. Cliff Turner

    Cliff Turner Senior Member

    thanks sounds like a L would be good for me then.
  8. Paul Collins

    Paul Collins Senior Member

    On the Military first website they do give very comprehensive sizing details for each garment. Just as well because an XL size in one garment could be completely different on another.
    I got an XL Helikon heavy fleece which was fine but a lightweight one XL was too small.
  9. Dave Brooksbank

    Dave Brooksbank Senior Member

    Good shout Paul, yes I've noticed different makes may have different sizing charts,always best to check them. I've been buying there stuff for years massive selection and not had one complaint.
  10. Steve Reed

    Steve Reed Senior Member

    I’m 6 ft 3in and relatively slim (my wife thinks otherwise) and there is plenty of room in the XL.

    Still trying to source some decent salopettes.

  11. Mike Thompson

    Mike Thompson Senior Member

    Is the coat quiet or does the material make a lot of noise when moving ?
    I know it is a daft question, but had a waterproof jacket provided by work many years ago and it made so much noise it was terrible.
  12. Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons Senior Member

    It seems fairly quiet, Mike. A low rustle, perhaps. :)
  13. Jason Bean

    Jason Bean Senior Member

  14. Rod Fowler

    Rod Fowler Senior Member

    Rightly or wrongly, I prefer good Goretex or equivalent jackets from the likes of Cotswold rather than stuff from the tackle trade, but like Steve Reed I am also seeking some good quality salopettes, so I'd also be grateful if anyone could recommend any.
  15. Graham Elliott

    Graham Elliott Senior Member

    That seems a ridiculously inflated RRP. Loads of basic Gortex around that price.

    I tend to get the German Army Gortex at about £35 plus US Army Polar Vest around £12.new.
    Add a fleece and/or thermal trousers if needed.

    All cheap enough if you tackle barbed wire.
  16. Jason Bean

    Jason Bean Senior Member

    I did buy the jacket Graham, however I sent it back as the fit is for slim athletic people which I'm not. :(

    Your paying more simply because of the shimano badge and I guess the market it was aimed at was perhaps cycling.

    I agree army is best value for money though.
  17. Graham Elliott

    Graham Elliott Senior Member

    Bargain Alert.

    On Ebay US Army Polar undershirt 12.99 New.

    Just arrived and seems same or better than Sundrige Sleepsuit at 3 times the price.
  18. Andy Bell

    Andy Bell Senior Member

    Have a look at the Cabelas website its in the USA, but ship world wide, i can vouch for the quality of both the lined (very warm) and unlined items, very soft MT50 fabric, and Gore-Tex too, i didn't think it was too expensive, but what you pay generally dictates what you get....



    P.S. The 7 in 1 Jacket is brilliant!

  19. Jason Bean

    Jason Bean Senior Member

    I suppose if you are unfortunate enough to live in the north I could perhaps see reason in the 7 in 1 jacket...but your from Cambridge!
  20. Stephen Whyte

    Stephen Whyte Senior Member

    If you order gear from outside the EU, the USA for example, do you have to pay VAT + a handling charge when it arrives? :)