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Nick Hodgkinson

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Perhaps you can "take" a few of the wild boar around this way Nick.

Really damaging the fauna
wish i could but getting the 'legal' permission is very difficult and legislation is a bit confused with feral animals and their legal status/ownership

i have seen the damage caused by feral hogs and as you say it destroys the eco system

sooner or later somebody is going to get killed by these feral hogs - they have already attacked walkers dogs (in fairness dogs were seen as a threat especially with piglets)

each successive generation seems to revert more and more to the wild 'strain'

i know quite a few people who have hunted wild boar in Eastern Europe and they are bloody dangerous beasts - well able to kill an adult if they feel threatened or with piglets

look at the problems with feral hogs in the USA and Aus - they have reached epidemic populations and are destroying entire eco systems

the problem shooting them is that they are built like a tank and need a proportionally more powerful rifle than comparatively sized deer - also most of the hunting is in woodland often with public access like the Forest of Dean so public safety precludes most shooting as with these weapons you need a safe backstop should you miss or the round goes through and through ( backstop would be say high ground within say 100m to stop the round)

these rounds are lethal at over 1 mile!!!! - snipers have used these rounds to kill at over 2500yds!
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Steve Reed

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Advice sought from anyone with a bit of local knowledge. Work takes me to all corners of Wales on a fairly regular basis and I am keen to sample some of the grayling fishing on offer. I will be back in Denbighshire next month but I have also worked from Anglesey to Cardiff Bay and everywhere in between! I know there is a lot of fantastic grayling fishing to be had but it is a bit bewildering for a total beginner. I am looking for beats that satisfy the following:

Day tickets available.
Allows trotting; if maggots allowed so much the better.
Can be fished without serious wading.
Chance of decent sized grayling.

Not after specifics but some general pointers much appreciated.



Mike Hodgkiss

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That's a beauty Anthony , well done . This winter I have had had a couple dabbles for Grayling on the river Dove near Kirbymoorside , they were hard to find but managed a few nice specimens on trotted worm , stunning fish .