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Discussion in 'Other Species Fishing' started by Graham Elliott, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones Senior Member

    I'd guess that, in the last three years or so, 80% of my fishing has revolved around grayling. My hook of preference for them is the Drennan Wide Gape Match.

    However, if it's just the better ones that are doing you, it might be worth examining the rest of your gear, especially the action of the rod. There's more than the odd float rod out there that stiffen up a little too suddenly when bigger fish are encountered.
  2. David Potter

    David Potter Senior Member

    Yes i was wondering about the action of the rod ! I'm using a 14ft Drennan Acolyte Ultra which i thought would be perfect ?

    These fish are in quite fast water and maybe i need to be a bit more forceful with them as they seem to come off quite quickly ?
  3. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones Senior Member

    I can't say that I'm having any issues with Acolyte Ultras, they do suit me well. However, I do use an eleven foot Matchpro Ultralight on small rivers and becks. It's from these venues that all my better grayling have come in recent years. The fish on the main rivers I fish are tending to average around the pound mark. The average on the becks is closer to a pound and a half. The best recent fish being an agonizing ounce short of two pounds.

    I know a few anglers fishing the slower Dorset and Hampshire chalk streams that prefer the softer, more forgiving, action of a Matchpro Ultralights. I suspect that individual styles of playing fish is likely to be a factor too.
  4. Howard Cooke

    Howard Cooke Senior Member

    I have found the Kamasan B525 hooks to be the best. I rarely suffer hook pulls and have enormous confidence in them. These are tied direct to Preston Power Reflo line which I also rate very highly and use as mainline on the pin.
  5. Mark Swaby

    Mark Swaby Senior Member

    Do you possibly think some of them could be foulhooked,feel bigger then drop off ?.Though i have had a lot of big roach come off when using a 13ft acolyte ultra,its really put me off of the rod.
  6. David Potter

    David Potter Senior Member

    I have ordered some different hooks as you guys have recommended and will try them out on my next visit and see if they make any difference.
    I do foul hook some of the average size fish and usually land them also some nice Trout fairly hooked that stay on despite their aerobatics !
    Maybe most of my problem is down to me tensing up and of course Grayling are experts and getting off !! The rod is relatively new so maybe there's a learning curve there as well ?
  7. David Maddison

    David Maddison Senior Member

    I've used Preston power reflo as a match angler, and rated it back then fishing up to rushes/reed beds. I still use it now as main line and hooklink on my pins, and for feeder fishing hooklinks. Brilliant line!

  8. Graham Elliott

    Graham Elliott Senior Member

    IME the very best hook is the drennan red maggot hook.

    Very few fish lost. I fish 3 maggots on a 14. Tough mouths demand fine wire to penetrate and hold.

    They really work well.
  9. Tom Casey

    Tom Casey Senior Member

    Agree with Graham , Drennan Red Maggot micro barbed also Maggot Carp , same hook but barbless . In Kamasan B911 barbless , superb hook imho .Have taken some nombers of fish on all of these hooks , losses are par for the course due to the action of the fish when hooked.
    I use rods with different actions , on the stiffer rods my line of choice is power pro , on softe rods I use dynema braid .
  10. Graham Elliott

    Graham Elliott Senior Member

    A great days grayling fishing. Still trying for my first 3lber

    And had a 2.13 and a 2.15 1/2!!!!!

    Cant post pics as photobucket account canx as full of virus rubbish
  11. Dave Taylor

    Dave Taylor Senior Member

    That's still a great days fishing Graham! I was hoping that you would hit the magic 3 this week and was thinking about your chances today wlhile I was out on the Stour trotting for chub in what seemed almost perfect conditions.
    Trouble was, I struggled and kept thinking I should have been fishing the Frome after hearing of some good grayling being landed this week.:rolleyes:
  12. Stephen Crowhurst

    Stephen Crowhurst Senior Member

    It is indeed, I've started using ImgUr it's a bit clunky but does work and doesn't require you to sign up for Facebook or a yahoo account to access it.
  13. Rod Fowler

    Rod Fowler Senior Member

    Brilliant Graham, well done! I was pleased enough with a 2-04 last month.
  14. Stephen Crowhurst

    Stephen Crowhurst Senior Member

    With the Frome not far from me I really should do more Grayling fishing, that's one of the reasons I intend to join CAC in addition to the RDAA. To catch a Grayling on the pin to a trotted stick float is a dream, esp one over a pound. I've caught loads on the upper Avon from the Bulford free stretch but all to feeder tactics, couldn't buy a bite on the float. They also topped out about 8oz.
  15. Rod Fowler

    Rod Fowler Senior Member

    Don't know where you are based Stephen, but a session on the Lower Itchen Fishery would almost certainly give you what you are seeking - quite heavily fished but consistently reliable.
  16. David Clewer

    David Clewer Senior Member


    The Dorchester club have some very good value winter tickets for their waters on the Frome. Some stretches are closer to Wareham too, so worth thinking about as an alternative option to CAC and less damage to the wallet! (Part year membership runs from 1 November and is currently £35 for an adult ticket.)

  17. Graham Elliott

    Graham Elliott Senior Member

    I'll be joining next year even though its 140 miles away!:D
  18. Stephen Crowhurst

    Stephen Crowhurst Senior Member

    I live on the boarders of Bournemouth and Poole, there are other pulls to CAC including about 5 waters that are within minutes of my house to try for corse fish. But the other suggestions are appricated. Itchen day tickets are quite steep from memory?
  19. Rod Fowler

    Rod Fowler Senior Member

    £25.50 for a day ticket on the LIF, but you'd only need to buy one to catch what you are after. Dorchester winter ticket a snip at £20 for old codgers like me.
  20. Paul Collins

    Paul Collins Senior Member

    There's quite a bit of free fishing for Grayling and other coarse fish on the Itchen. Details on an earlier post about the river.