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Went for a long exciting drive....roads challenging from Ross to Builth Wells!!!

Struggled mountain goat style on first beats without a bite. Walked to town stretch and did finally get a few bites with 6 brownies and 2 nice grayling. Stunning scenery. Will return when Salmon season finished
New PB!!

Only takes one bite to transform a season. That's the beauty and wonder of fishing. A tricky days fishing on a southern chalk stream with a very cold biting wind making trotting difficult and uncomfortable.

But none of that mattered when a 3.9 grayling arrived! Many thanks to Tim Lennon and his mate Mark for being on hand to help land and then weigh the fish.

An angling experience I will cherish for some considerable time and goes along way to erase an incredibly difficult season on the Kennet.
Well done Howard! That is a stonking grayling,....well deserved for persevering in that bitter wind,....please don't tell me you caught it on trotted garlic spam!:D
Thanks chaps. It was certainly a reminder of how fishing can sometimes surprise you. Normally I use the word "surprise" in sentences like "well the conditions were perfect for barbel. I'm so surprised I didn't get a touch in 20 hours of fishing".

Photo attached- I wasn't the most compliant subject and you will note how the fish has recently escaped from the Black Death, or Cormorant as it's also known.


Stunning fish, I'm sure you're over the moon!

I might venture down to the thames tomorrow as temps look good - the surprise would be if anything took an interest in my hookbait!

As many have said though, that's the reason we love fishing rivers!
With the weather turning cooler I decided to go for a trotting session on the Dee today. Good sport from 30+ grayling, none huge, but kept the blood pumping, just as well because most of the time I was wading and the water is definitely getting cool!
Been doing a bit of Grayling fishing recently with some success,where i have been fishing the average size is about a pound and there is plenty of them so its great sport !
Now and again i bump into larger fish around the 2 lb mark and maybe even bigger but they always come off,just wondering what type / pattern hook you guys recommend ?
I have been using Drennan micro barb supper spades !