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  1. Ian Law

    Stradic 4000GTM RA - Wanted

    Hi guys, If anyone has one that's gathering dust please let me know... Many thanks Ian
  2. Ian Law

    Bite Alarm recommendations request.

    Hmmm,... I did think the very same Ian when I read that comment. I see the elitism amongst some remains alive and well on these pages!
  3. Ian Law

    Shimano Reel Difference

    Many thanks for this comprehensive response Chris, much appreciated. I did indeed purchase my RA new around 2003 and am seeking another without success thus far, however, following your feedback I’d be happy to take an RC. Thanks again Ian
  4. Ian Law

    Shimano Reel Difference

    Hi chaps, Does anyone know the difference between the Stradic 4000GTM RA and the RC models. Cosmetically, they appear the same... Ian
  5. Ian Law

    2 miles of Thames vandalism

    Hi Micky, The work the NT has done at Runnymead is no where near as drastic as this. The river Thames local to me at Bray had many of it's trees hacked back by the EA just before the Olympics a couple of years ago. That theme has continued though over the last two years. The example on this...
  6. Ian Law

    Anglers Forum

    It was down yesterday mate. I thought it may have been a specific access issue via the Forum Runner App I use on iOS, but it was clearly more widespread. Lawman
  7. Ian Law


    Hi guys, Just thought I'd stick up a couple of Thames crackers I was fortunate to catch in the last week of the season. It has been a really tough winter with high coloured water and low water temps but the last week was settled, almost no colour and a slight rise in water temps. This one at...
  8. Ian Law

    Keith Speer

    It reflects the kind of man Keith was reading through the various comments on the forums today. Like all that knew him, fished with him, socialised with him, I am saddened and shocked to hear this news. From the time I first met him about 12 years ago when he was emptying the Thames of its...
  9. Ian Law

    tutti frutti

    Some very big Thames barbel taken by our group on snowmen rigs with tutti frutti pop ups. They do indeed appear to like them....:) Ian
  10. Ian Law

    lower Thames

  11. Ian Law

    Barbel weights

    Aha, thanks Howard. I don't think it's specific to the Trent, we've had some dubious 'offerings' from the Thames over the years which have looked no-where near their claimed weight. One such instance I remember was actually reported by the AM shortly after GR's record 18 something fish. It was...
  12. Ian Law

    Barbel weights

    Hi Stephen, What controversy, ie, is it claimed weights? Ian
  13. Ian Law

    Winter clothing

    I too went out and bought Deerhunter hunting gear. The outer later actually does absorb water but bone dry on the inside. I've had quite a few fishing clothing brands over the years and whilst on the whole it keeps you very warm, a serious drop of rain on it and it's next to useless.
  14. Ian Law

    Customfishingrods. Top quality

    I'd stay where you are John. The Thames has fished terrible since the pollution a year ago. No sign of quality barbel or big carp this year, and the silver fishing on t'stick has been shocking. The good news is, you can angle in one of the many puddles in the ground where I believe soap is the...
  15. Ian Law

    Customfishingrods. Top quality

    You'll have to lay that rig perfectly to get a single toner from me :D In balance Paul, I agree, plenty of great rod builders out there. My GTI's from Roger M are just as good some 12yrs on, cracking sticks :) Ian