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  1. J

    Photos of river scenes

    Lower Trent
  2. J

    Hiking/walking boots

    ex MOD Altberg Defenders for me. Not the lightest but well made, full leather, waterproof boots. Cheap as well, £50 for Grade1 off of ebay, mine were like new!
  3. J


    I'm on the waiting list as well, about 300 places in front of you, so still 2 years to wait I'm guessing! Other than that I have 4 memberships to cover most types of fishing
  4. J

    How far ?

    0.7 miles to the Trent for me! I have however joined a couple more clubs and getting into other styles of fishing so will likely get a bit further afield this year. Anything up to an hour seems reasonable to me.
  5. J

    Okuma pulzar baitfeeder reels

    I've bought a couple of the Aventa 6000 reels to try this season. Obviously they haven't been on the bank yet but first impressions out of the box are that they are very smooth and appear well made. I would say they are a slightly more heavy duty reel than the Pulzar but the Pulzar is...
  6. J

    River tripod

    Definitely the Prologic sky pod, it's a rock solid bit of kit. It doesn't take that long to setup and the legs are adjustable in both length and angle. It even comes with an extra set of short legs so you can use it horizontal ie. carp style
  7. J

    How much 'good' line

    Thanks guys, looks like I'll get away with a bit less then.
  8. J

    Collingham aa

    Never been inclined to fish it either and I live in the next village! Worry now is that A1 pits will now become the go to 'party' place and spoil the NDPF stretch which is on the opposite bank :(
  9. J

    How much 'good' line

    Going to be putting some new line on my reels for the upcoming season and rather than filling them entirely with the good new line, I'll be using some old stuff for backing. Given that 90% of my fishing is on the Trent and I'm not casting to the moon, how much good line would you have on the...
  10. J

    Wanted - Shimano 6000 OCs

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I had seen those facebook reels but they are collection only. To be honest given the prices they are fetching second hand and that the river season closes in a couple of weeks I think I'm just going to wait for stock to come back into the shops rather than save a...
  11. J

    Wanted - Shimano 6000 OCs

    Ssshhh! Don't tell everyone :)
  12. J

    Wanted - Shimano 6000 OCs

    I think Glasgow Angling only had the 4000 in stock, the only place I've seen one recently was Fishdeal and they only had the one which when I went to buy had gone! I'm happy with second hand and you usually get a better deal
  13. J

    Wanted - Shimano 6000 OCs

    Now that I've managed to source a couple of Powermesh Barbel rods, I need some reels to pair with them. Has anybody got a couple of Shimano 6000 OC they're looking to re-home? Thanks
  14. J

    Reel choice

    For front drag, non baitrunner I'd seriously consider the Okuma Inc6000. Got them on my carp setup and they are a fantastic reel and even better when you consider the price. Obvioulsy a bit bigger than 5000 but they are pretty lightweight so don't feel big.
  15. J

    Wanted - Powermesh Specialist Barbel 2.75

    Looks like Andy and I have a deal so I'm sorted👍 Thanks to all that viewed and replied