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Photos of river scenes

Paul Bullinger

Active Member
River Bure near Aylsham, Norfolk.

You would not think it, but this splendid little stream is home to some really big Chub and Trout, with a really good head of silver fish,it is also thought to hold a few Barbel, although they have never been successfully netted on this stretch .

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I agree with you David, this stretch of the Upper Bure is wonderful. I was trotting the river on a warm August day and was pleased to see so many butterflies, dragonflies and all manner of insects on the wing. Caught some lovely dace as well!

Steve Arnold

Senior Member
Another little expedition upstream on the river Lot, France. I had found this swim on a summer walk, looked perfect where the river narrows to the left and the flow hits the bank and shoots of at a tangent to mid-stream. A small stream enters just 10 metres downstream of this swim. All the makings of a holding spot for many species.

Mont swim.jpg

Little barbel plagued me for hours! Nothing bigger than 1.5 lb, this little chub got careless.....

Chub Mont.jpg

Nice back eddy to this swim, might be a place to fish when the river is at winter flow.

Steve Arnold

Senior Member
Back on the Lot. This is a swim where I lost a big carp several weeks ago, today we fished with smaller baits and had barbel to over 5 lbs.

River is still low, when the winter rains fill the barrages upriver the flow will increase and this will fish much better - at least until the water temperatures drop!

Lot barbel & big carp swim.jpg

Hope to do this photo again later in the Autumn - the colours will be stunning!

David Craine

Senior Member

Confluence of the River Ouse and River Nidd , near York .
Not the most attractive of places but said to hold big bream shoals .