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Photos of river scenes

Chris Guy

Senior Member

Gary Wagstaff

Senior Member
I've never had a Barbel out of that peg. PB Chub though.

Looks coloured ??
was some colour left in after a few showers. its not the slab peg Simon .i cannot catch a chub only had 2 on that area .That peg has only produced for me this season walk further down stream . the flyer peg i cannot get a bite from it this season and its a short walk from the carpark when getting there in the dark

Simon Archer

Senior Member
I've only fished the Dove once this season Gary, and I fished the Slab, but had nothing. I actually prefer to fish the peg you were in, but can't catch a Barbel out of it.

Steve Arnold

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Just returned from a camping trip to Roquebrun, France, on the river Orb. My only chance of an evenings barbel fishing lost to a monstrous thunder storm, but I did find a nice swim in the town......

Roquebrun fishing.jpg

About 20 minutes drive upstream the river holds nice brown trout, it follows the foothills of the Grand Massif...

Orbe suspension Panorama.jpg

This trip was not specifically for fishing, I had to do the usual tourist stuff! Anyway, a lovely area about an hours drive from the Med.

Paul Bullinger

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It would be nice to have a lot more river pictures posted in the gallery - please.

Was looking for one or two for the home page in closed season and it showed how few are actually posted.

I reckon there'll be some great photos out there.
Still getting used to navigating my way around this great forum and have stumbled across this thread. I love taking photos when fishing but, rather like my barbel fishing, I am not that good. Anyway a few photos attached of Norfolk rivers, which, alas do not have any barbel living in them.


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