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That IS a nice fish Graham, especially for a 'commercial'. They sadly often lose all their colour, esp their stripes, in mud-pig puddles.
I know what you mean Terry but its a well managed pretty fishery with gravelled bottom for much of it. You can actually see down a foot or so.

The 2.1 was very nicely marked as have the one caught before.
Popped into a local club lake on my way back down to Bournemouth from a weekend away watching the 6 nations with friends in Bath. Needless to say I had quite a headache, phone had run out of battery, generally felt terrible but I had bought two pints of red maggot and some red krill groundbait before leaving Christchurch on Friday evening and had packed the perch rods in the car so thought I may as well give it a few hours until dark.

Of course as soon as I had worked out that my phone was out of battery and I had left my camera at home I suddenly became very confident! surprise surprise 5 minutes later and the live bait float buries and I feel a decent weight and that jag jag fight. 3lb 5oz and a new PB for me, apologies for the lack of photos but considering my previous perch PB also came the last time I left my camera and phone at home I think I may be 'accidentally' leaving them at home more often!
The HA is carrying quite a bit of colour and extra water still at present. Stour looks to be dropping out though. I’ve passed three different Avon’s today actually.

Very nice fish indeed George. Keep meaning to get out on them myself. I think I’m going to catch a few on the jig after work one day this week.
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That would be ideal Stephen! unfortunately until the evenings get a bit longer I struggle to get out the office before the witching hour is gone and its completely dark. Maybe in another month, but then you are very close to their spawning period and you have to contend with that nagging doubt that the big girls have already started and you're wasting your time...
A perching day in heavy rain and thick mud but managed 6 at estm 1.8/ 2lb

And weighed 2.1/ 2.6/ 2.11 and dark coloured 3.9 which is 2oz below my venue best.

Also 6 carp including a couple est 15 - 18lb on the hardy 14fter.

Great day despite being soakec through.