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Discussion in 'Other Species Fishing' started by Mark Anderson, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Graham Elliott

    Graham Elliott Senior Member

  2. Paul Collins

    Paul Collins Senior Member

  3. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    Lovely fish Graham and the French Bulldog clip has had us all chuckling this morning :)
  4. Mark Mole

    Mark Mole Senior Member

  5. Terry Simner

    Terry Simner Senior Member

    That IS a nice fish Graham, especially for a 'commercial'. They sadly often lose all their colour, esp their stripes, in mud-pig puddles.
  6. Graham Elliott

    Graham Elliott Senior Member

    I know what you mean Terry but its a well managed pretty fishery with gravelled bottom for much of it. You can actually see down a foot or so.

    The 2.1 was very nicely marked as have the one caught before.