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Mark Anderson

Super Moderator
Hi men ,

Nice to have this one as a thread , as I know there are a fair few targeting them . The Ouse around my area is more busy with people after them . I have had a plan to have a dabble after them , only fishing for them when conditions are such that Sue dont want to go , and I can do a short ( normally 3 hours ) afternoon session.

Started off ok , narrowed down a section that would help me by parking close to the water , and get a couple of swims in before going home . This worked fine , first trip out , a couple of 2lb + fish in a short 2 hour bash , best fish 2lb 13 oz. Second trip , turnned up to find that someone had hacked down the 3 large snaggy tree/ fish holding area :mad:. A large aluminum punt showed that they ment buiness , so I will have to find a new bit .

This is another one of 2lb 9oz . The nice cover over my shoulder , gone !!!

Aye - one of my favourite winter species - and I've had a blinding autumn after the stripeys - had numerous 3's and broke my PB twice - its now tantalisingly close to the magic 4lb mark. Had a super bag of 2lbers from the Kennet yesterday - 7 in little over an hour from one swim - biggest a smidgeon under 3lb!


Mark Anderson

Super Moderator
Hi men ,

Nice one Chris , good catch . Iv had a break from perch fishing from around 1975-76 . A local lake I fished had a good head of nice fish , and I gave them some stick , catching loads without weighing them , not knowing that they would disapear within a season . I moved on , but with the Ouse closeish to me , I should have at least the odd session.


Ian Lowe

Senior Member
Hi all,

Here's my 3lb 2oz pb from 2 winters ago caught whilst spinning a sprat for pike.
Twas a cold cold morn on the W avon.

I must get my pred head on again soon and loose my whiskers head :)

Paul Hiom

Senior Member
Hi all,

I dont consider myself a perch angler by a long stretch, but i would like to bank some better fish this season/winter if i can. They seem to tolerate cold water quite well, but do the better fish prefer certain conditions. IE low light levels of morning and evening, clear rivers or will they feed in coloured water. Caught a few on lures last season, but was wondering if the red maggot/worm works better at certain times/temps. Just trying to get a better understanding.:confused:

Paul, the obvious shout is of course AM and PM, though I prefer the latter.
I would shy away from maggots too in fear of over doing it.
Perch will of course feed in the current conditions but a lot of folk lose heart as a big stripey will sit watching the worm in this instance for hours before deciding to take it.
If where you are fishing is like the Kennet then you can count on a 'perchy looking spot' to hold a fish or two thus making it pretty safe to sit it out.
Now to boost attraction, get hold of some worm blood juice or some other ammino flavouring and soak a sponge in it and place it in a feeder if fishing on the tip.
If float fishing then soak some dark g/bait with the juice, or, if molehills are present ball some of that in.....just watch the dog dooda.

Paul Hiom

Senior Member
Thanks Will,

Some good tree cover where i'm planning to do some perch fishing and ive seen plenty of fry topping in summer and the odd perch chasing them. Its quite a deep stretch of river too and fish seem to like it there in winter. Will definitely try the worm blood. Suppose chucking a few worms in a food blender would also do the trick. When she's out of the house that is. :D



Ian Law

Senior Member
Hi chaps,
I will start at the beginning of Feb for the billies. No monsters last year but a few 3's hit the net. A couple below from the past couple of years



I think they are my 2nd fav species after tench :)

One of my all time favourite species. They just look so magnificent when they reach BIG sizes. Had a few in the last 3 or 4 years ;) , here's a few pictures, the last one of the really fat fish is so damn annoying as this is the best picture of a totally rotten bunch, the cameraman got my glasses in focus everytime, shame about the fish!!! where was Ponsford that day? :D

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Perch of this size seem to look so much more impressive than other species of specimen proportions. Here's my pb of 3.2 which I had earlier this year courtesy of Mr Law, a fine gillie ;).


Paul Hiom

Senior Member
Some cracking fish gents, really feel the need to get out and try for one of those. They truly are magnificent fish at those weights.:)

atb Paul
some brilliant pics, I'd love a decent perch

I have completely failed in my occassional efforts to catch a good perch. I've never had one over 2lbs, but then I spose I haven't tried that hard and kind of hoped I'd get lucky along the way. I haven't, but I'm gearing/enthusing myself up to try properly.

I bought a small lure rod earlier this season to have a go and haven't tried it yet. my tactics would be a plastic lure tied up about 1 foot/2 foot up the line (with one of those special hooks that sits at 90 degrees pulled through the plastic lure iykwim) from a light bomb on the bottom - if that makes sense.

you cast out and then the bomb holds the lure in the right place while I jig it about and a 5lber completely ignores it thinking wtf? is that meant to fool me?

any advice greatly appreciated!
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Drop shotting Simon, were you using flouro on the mainline?
I find when the footballers are in that frame of mind then it patys to go through every lure pattern you have in the box until something makes it want to strike out of annoyance if it isnt particularly hungry.
I still haven't tried it yet Will, I can't quite drag myself away from Boris. But yes I have flouro spooled up so at some point in the new decade I'll give them a go

Paul Hiom

Senior Member
On the look out for a couple of light leger rods for perch; nothing expensive as i dont have a good track record with good quality rods:eek:

The TFG classic avon at 1.2 test looks quite good on paper, but i havent seen any up close. I dont want a quiver feeder, just a light 2 section job for close to med range legering if anyone can recommend one.



Chris Fox

Senior Member
Paul, the John Wilson Avon rod is good although might be a bit heavy for perch (1.25lb)? Really soft top and great bite detection though. I love mine.