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Graham, you really are beginning to get really good at this fishing lark mate :D:D:D

Incidentally, do you find cooked or raw prawns best? And in your opinion are the salt water North Atlantic prawns better than the warm water kind (farmed in mud ponds in the tropics!)? I much prefer the cold water prawns to eat...but do the fish? I really haven't done much fishing with prawns since crabbing as a kid at Southend :D. But I am intrigued :)

Cheers, Dave.
Fine Perch

My Sainted Aunt,Graham,

Great photohraph of a fine perch and a rather self-satisfied smile on top of the old grey face. You look well old pal, that part of the country must be agreeing with you,

Hiya Mike. Yes too long no see my old mate.
And yes, im afraid my pictures always are the height of smuggness.
Better than than so so often " im a hard bxxstard" look.

Dave, Morrisons large cooked frozen prawns. Flown in specially from Vietnam for me. Worse thing is carp like them too. Had 6 up to about 14lb.
The broken pieces are very good for better roach that come in for the maggots.
Thanks for that Graham....but are you saying a WHOLE one :eek: The oriental king prawns I have seen in supermarkets are massive, perhaps three inches long and three quarters of an inch or more across at the fat end. (7.5cm x 2.0cm :D)


I actually said large prawns. But yes king prawns fine.

They are about half gudgeon size.......

Probably last trip to the lake yesterday till late autumn.

A nice 3.1 and a 2.9 as well as a smaller one and some nice roach best few between 1 and 1.12. On prawn pieces. Couple carp and few brim.

The Lake.
My quest for the monster perch continues....After numerous perchless sessions at my local, pretty, little pond I am giving up :mad:

Found another venue on way home from work which has a good pedigree.
I was planning prawns fished on the bottom,with loose fed red dead maggots every 15 mins and just 3 or 4 prawn bits.
Alternating a full size prawn hookbait and then a prawn piece that might also catch a nice old roach.
If Lb allowed got to be worth a go if only to avoid the carp.

Got some lobworms I like to "pop up"and worm extract to add to some sort of g/bait...any suggestions ?
Sound like a plan or maggots not necc ?
Ground bait. Yummy said the carp....

Its worth lifting the prawn a bit sometimes when putting the mags in.

Are you over season start Mark or leaving it a bit?
Yummy indeed !!:p

Barb serious back problems so all on hold,unless I can get a weekend on my own.
Realistically hoping for early July visit...then my son gets married in August.
Hope you all doing well and garden looking nice.
I too have had problems with prawns floating. To get them to sink you need to take them out of the freezer earlier and then give them a good long soak in water so they rehydrate