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New Boots

Rhys Perry

Senior Member
I've had a pair of these boots before, or something similar, where the rubber and fabric meet came away pretty quickly, which puts me off getting another pair.

Paul Pittman

Senior Member
Still use a pair of Muck boots when down the river but recently bought a pair of Vass Fleece lined boots for my carping. Used them in France for the first time and they are very comfy and warm and no laces to deal with.

Paul Collins

Senior Member
Another vote for Muckboots. Have tried all sorts over the years and it's only since starting to use Muckboots I've not had cold feet through the Winter.
Mine are Arctic sport ones but the newer ones are fleece lined and would probably be too warm. IIRC the replacement for mine now would be Muckmasters.
Merino wool thermals complete the Winter outfit now, toasty warm.
Check out reviews on Go Outdoors or Amazon for the Karrimors to get a good idea how they shape up.

Cliff Turner

Senior Member
Im on my 5th pair of muckboots, I'd caution that the quality has dropped considerably since my first pair 10 years ago. I find the inner lining in the heel wears away quickly on the newer ones, I do use mine for dog walking as well as fishing though.

Andrew Richardson

Senior Member
Just bought some skellerup Quattro and well pleased with em up to now. Look very well made and got great reviews.

John Newman

Senior Member
I also run and Karrimor trainers get very poor reviews by runners. The "sale" prices sucker people in to what is essentially a low quality product which then turns out not to be a bargain. Old story....you get what you pay for.

Muckboots Artic Sport is my footwear of choice in the winter. Never had cold feet since getting mine which are now on their third season.

Peter Robinson

Senior Member
Another vote for Muckboots, in my experience, the only negative would be poor grip in muddy conditions, but mine are the model before Arctic Sports, which have also been superceded, so grip levels may have improved with the latest models. Would certainly buy again.

Jon Frisby

Senior Member
I have the arctic sport and the equivalent in muckboots too. Which I only wear when I know I may get wet, but much prefer boots tbh. I have some North Face Chilkats which are excellent winter boots, but rather expensive for muddy river banks etc. I like the rubber front which when going through short fields keeps you from getting wet feet in other boots. These came up from M and M sports and at 39.99 a bargain imo. They arrived today and I'm very impressed to be honest. A nice thick sole, which doesn't press in, well made and thinsulate lining throughout. I work outside in the environment most days and these look bang on.

Phil Nixon

Senior Member
Muckboots for me, arctic sport for winter, edgewater for summer + edgewater short boot for those dew covered summer mornings when normal height boots are too warm.

Derek Funcks

Senior Member
Absolutely Mike. :)

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