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Lost my mojo

Andrew Burt

Senior Member
Nice ones Andrew - often wondered about the fish in there. Must give it a go sometime - looks very appealing :). Hear there are quite a few other species as well.
All the best,
There are some massive mullet in there and I've had all 3 UK species. During Summer there are a lot of bass as well which we have had to nearly 10lb fishing for mullet. They are certainly a challenge and exhilarating when hooked. I've had them over 7lb in there and 10lb is a possibility, fish of lifetime. Defintely a fish to return a mojo; or make you smash all your gear up :) If you want some specific info bob PM me.

Anthony Pearson

Senior Member
Paul, go to your favourite stretch of 'quiet' river...without your tackle and have a good walk (I spent six hours on mine yesterday). Prior to this I have only fished once since the close...the longest gap in my fishing in the last ten years, so I know exactly where you are coming from. It's amazing how being on the water can stoke the fires. It has for me....I'm just off for a late session now.

Chris Guy

Senior Member
I didn't touch my tackle for more than five seasons, after the otters had their way with the Gt Ouse. I had as you say Paul, lost my mojo. What's the point, not enough barbel to warrant going out and trying to catch. My rivers got hit hard and fast - from one season snaring say a dozen and a half fish to half a dozen, to one. And no one can accuse me of being impatient, the Ouse has never been an easy lay.

But, then I looked back on my days on the BA, and I kid you not, I got a little bored of catching barbel, I'd had 200 hundred by Xmas in the 1981/2 season. These were the days when I'd be lashing in the caster and hemp. So I looked to roach, chub and even bream, YES BREAM! A 2lb roach and a 5lb chub were challenges that I was up for, and almost succeeded. Plus the getting back to basics and actually trotting a float for a change. So that's what I have done on the Ouse and Ivel. And I'm always happy to get out again.

What for me is frustrating these days is, the lack of good tench waters. They have mostly seen the casual and unsympathetic introduction of huge numbers of carp, and carp fishing has never rocked my boat.

Richard Barrett

Senior Member
Just watched a wonderful video done by Martin Bowler. He was at an estate lake successfully catching carp on a float, just the one. It took two full days when he could have caught more on 3 rods on buzzers. Even Martin agreed too many people have forgotten what it feels like to 'strike' into a fish. These days it's all done for you, the bolt rig is a curse and blessing, and a major part of most anglers set-up. I'm not judging, butt Martin said the element of luck, surprise has gone out of fishing now days.
I bet on the 16th the banks of many rivers were lined with anglers all doing the exact same thing. Two rods in the air ledgering with their favourite baits, no wonder we get bored as Martin suggested.
Paul, I feel for you, maybe a bit of beach fishing when you have the glorious sea in front of you. Bass on lures I'm told is great fun?
Or maybe you do really need a bit of time off?


Steve Lewis

Senior Member
Happened to me nearly 20 years ago. Combination of overdoing it on carp (carp fishing's often a mojo killer), and the usual things that happen when you hit 18/19 - work, women, socialising down the pub etc etc, followed by a mortgage, marriage and child a few years after that. I then had zero interest in fishing until just a few years ago (this year marks my third season back at it), when a random chat with a work colleague piqued my interest again. Now I find myself right back in "the zone" again, at least in terms of mindset if not catching ability!

Having said that, 20 years ago I would've been (and was) out quite happily in all weathers. Now I'm more likely to not bother if it's blowing a gale and/or shitting it down with rain.

John Walker

Senior Member
Paul, I am currently unable to walk at moment due to long time laid up with swollen feet ect but when I am up and about me and you should have a sociable fishing outing mate, be good if only for the company a few humorous memories of times slipped by, I am feeling fine except for these bloody feet of mine and fact that my leg muscles have turned into floppy lumps of jelly lol. keep yer chin up we all get the :)doldrums now and again mate