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How to Avoid Losing Feeders ?

Discussion in 'Barbel Basics and Juniors Forum' started by Colin Hipwell, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Colin Hipwell

    Colin Hipwell Active Member

    Hi Folks ,

    I`m in my first year of fishing the Ribble seriousely for Barbel .

    As anyone who`s fished it will know , its mostly a hard rocky bed , which can cause plenty of feeders and leads to get snagged and lost

    I just wondered if anyone could give some general advice on how to avoid such losses , or how to retrieve snagged gear ect .

    Just for info , I always fish a free running rig , to stop fish becoming tethered , and use 12lb main line , 10lb hook link , usually a size 10 hook and hair rigged bait .

    Thanks in advance for any useful hints and tips :)
  2. Rhys Perry

    Rhys Perry Senior Member

    Using in-line feeders can help, also strike up quickly before reeling in quickly. If it's a nice steady flow try moulding your feed round a lead, the fox paste leads are ideal for this.
    I tie my feeders onto a run ring using lighter breaking strain line so if it does snag up you lose just the feeder. In theory! Doesn't solve your issue of losing feeders but at least you're not leaving hooks and line in the river and you don't lose everything. Again in theory!
  3. Graham Elliott

    Graham Elliott Senior Member

    As a frequent Wye fisher here's a couple of important tips.

    1/ make sure your feeder has enough weight not to roll.

    2/ as said before, on the retrieve, lift upwards and wind immediately.

    3/ if snagged, try letting out a lot of line, strike up and wind.

    4/ when playing fish keep your rod up high and keep the fish moving
  4. Colin Hipwell

    Colin Hipwell Active Member

    Thanks for the advice , guys . Plenty there to think about . Much appreciated !
  5. John Hasler

    John Hasler Senior Member

    I have found the Drennan bronze coloured flat backed wire feeders to be easier to retrieve when snagged. I'm guessing its because they bend out of shape under pressure.
  6. David Maddison

    David Maddison Senior Member

    I use the snag safe lead clips with the 6lb clip and if the feeder becomes snagged I just loose the feeder and still land the fish (most times)
    I agree with what Graham said keeping the rod high when playing the fish and retrieving quickly to avoid snagging on the bottom.
    Open and feeders will always rise quicker than cage feeders also, but won't bend like wire of coarse.
  7. Colin Hipwell

    Colin Hipwell Active Member

    Who makes them , David . I`ll have a look at them .

    Thanks for the advice , chaps . I`m going for a trip tonight , so I`ll let you know how I get on . :)
  8. David Maddison

    David Maddison Senior Member

    Enterprise tackle make them Colin. It's the new version though with the seperate clips.
  9. David Maddison

    David Maddison Senior Member

    You could make your own with a small paper clip and slip silcone tubing over the top, attached to a run ring.
  10. Rhys Perry

    Rhys Perry Senior Member

    I tried them for a bit but wasn't impressed, went back to simply tying them on with lighter line.
  11. Tony Byrne

    Tony Byrne Senior Member

    try Guru Grip mesh feeders they come straight to the surface when you reel in and hold well in the flow so wont roll into a snag
  12. Colin Hipwell

    Colin Hipwell Active Member

    Well , I went out last night , and didnt lose any feeders :)

    I used the striking upwards technique on the retrieve , and it definitely seemed to help - although , I was fishing a new peg , so it`s possible it simply wasnt as snaggy as previous swims , I suppose - but I`m sure the method helped !

    I`ll give the weak links a try aswell .

    Thanks again for the help :)
  13. Mark Gaskell

    Mark Gaskell Senior Member


    colin its the name of the game on the ribble plastercine round your leads help but with feeders its luck on some swims but the advice you have been given will help,and cheaper option is make your own ,or shoplifting!:D
  14. Colin Hipwell

    Colin Hipwell Active Member

    Thanks , Mark

    Ive not lost any gear on my last 2 trips - so I think the advice is working :)
  15. Colin Hipwell

    Colin Hipwell Active Member

    I did a few tests in my garrage - just to make sure my line breaking strains were accurate . I`ve been using 12lb Diawa Sensor mainline and 10lb Korum Barbel line hooklink .

    One thing I noticed was that my knots wern`t always as reliable as they should be . I found , under tension , the knot on my mainline was the weakest point :eek: Using 4 turn grinner knot by the way .

    Now Ive corrected this - the last couple of snag-ups I`ve had , I`ve pulled for a break , and just lost the hooklink
  16. Rhys Perry

    Rhys Perry Senior Member

    I don't rate the grinner for strength, palomar I've found the best or the trilene, though both of these require passing the line through the eye twice which is difficult with small hooks.
  17. Colin Hipwell

    Colin Hipwell Active Member

    Thanks , Rhys - I`ll try that . :)

    Incidentally , Its either end of the swivel that I`ve been using the grinner - I just use a knotless knott and hair rig for the hook .
  18. Rhys Perry

    Rhys Perry Senior Member

    Sometimes helps to have a weaker knot on the hook link so you've more chance of breaking just that in snags.
    Actual breaking strains are all over the place which doesn't help, 10lb shimano cattana supposedly breaks at 14lb!
  19. Steve Prince

    Steve Prince Senior Member

    Been using these myself this year, and found them superb, plus if I do loose a feeder it doesn't bother me cause I make my own :D
  20. Colin Hipwell

    Colin Hipwell Active Member

    Steve , do you use the small or the large clip ?

    I`ve just bought some , myself . I did a few quick tests using a spring balance , and found the small one gives way at around 4lb , and the large one at around 10 .

    What`s been your experience , in an actual fishing situation ?