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How to Avoid Losing Feeders ?

Discussion in 'Barbel Basics and Juniors Forum' started by Colin Hipwell, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Mark Thompson

    Mark Thompson Senior Member

    I am used to losing my share of tackle.
    If you loose the hooklink then clearly it is the hook that has snagged not feeder.So perhaps shorten hooklink or somehow stop it wafting/moving, bait change...
    Above info all works for sure but best solution is make your own feeders.
    Literally can be done for nothing if you can get a bit of old lead sheet.
  2. Colin Hipwell

    Colin Hipwell Active Member

    Thanks , Mark .

    For me , its nearly always the feeder that gets snagged . Ive started to use the snag clips in my rig , as suggested earlier in the thread - and I have to say , they work very well . I`m still losing a few feeders , but nearly always get my hook back !

    By the way , Mark , what do you use for the feeder bodies - I do have some bits of lead sheet lying around my garrage - so might have a try at making some !
  3. Ian Barker

    Ian Barker Member

    mould plasercine around lead

    mould plastercine around lead when snagged normally pulls free off the plastercine worth a try an very cheap to buy still use with snag safe lead clips . plasercine does work amongst rocks give it a go:)
  4. Ian Barker

    Ian Barker Member

    lose less leads

    the plastercine I new it as kid now called newplast on net for £1.50 for 500gram block completely encase mould lead in it when fishing near rocks comes in any colour you want hope this helps:)