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    Water Companies Environmental Performance

    In case you have not read it https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/water-and-sewerage-companies-in-england-environmental-performance-report-2021/water-and-sewerage-companies-in-england-environmental-performance-report-2021
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    Rod licence issue.

    I only got one, I feel robbed ;)
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    Hiking/walking boots

    Very timely this, I bought Karrimor boots and they are heading for the bin as they have squeaky soles and are not waterproof :rolleyes:
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    River Wye Pollution

    There is action being taken by The Angling Trust, plus others to make sure that planning laws are followed. We can’t rely on government and their agencies to do the right thing anymore so legal action is being taken.
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    Three for me this year, but I will only fish two and it's two going forward from now on (unless I move home when the BAA membership would be an option). I will only use two of the club waters as the third was just a backup plan in case I did not get into one of my preferred clubs.
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    Wild Justice takes on Ofwat

    Thanks Joe. There needs to be challenges like this against Ofwat as it brings the issue of pollution to the public’s attention.
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    New Fishery Listed

    You could also buy a £100 ticket for half the season (summer ticket) for access to four other reaches near Ross on Wye from Fishers in Ross.
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    New Fishery Listed

    Blimey I didn’t see that 🙁. Way out of my range, not for me then.
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    A pair of Harrison Torrix 12' 1.75 specialist rods "SOLD"

    Thanks Adam and I’m looking forward to the next season with even more enthusiam now 😀
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    New Fishery Listed

    I hope they do well. We are so lucky to have access to the Wye in quiet places like this and in other places aswell. In the past it would have been for salmon fishing only.
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    Barbel Show

    I don’t know anything about the Barbel Society, I should probably get up to speed on them 🤔
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    Closed face reel vs pin vs fixed spool( open face )

    I have an original ABU 506 modified so it backwinds. IMO it’s horrible. They are really (!) slow to wind in compared to a modern fixed spool reel. I only keep it and my 70s Skakespere match rod for sentimental reasons. I prefer a fixed spool for all types of fishing now.
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    Book bundle for sale

    Yes please, David. Please pm me how to pay. Thanks
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    Book bundle for sale

    Hi David, is Quest for Barbel still available?
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    Tackle in Lidl this week

    Their fishing trousers look worthy of a look 😀