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  1. Duncan Dimbleby

    Drop shotting

    I only started dropshotting this year. Agree with all of the above, it's a great method for a cold winters day as it's quite active and you can enjoy a long walk along the canal or river and cover a lot water. I like the fact that I can do it quickly, before or after work and keep the kit in...
  2. Duncan Dimbleby

    3 X Nash Scopes

    I have a lovely set mk1 Scopes for sale in pristine, looked after condition. These are 10ft'ers and 2.75tc with full shrink wrap handles. These have been my small water and Thames carp rods but they are more versatile than that. Also used for flood water barbel, tench in weedy water and also an...
  3. Duncan Dimbleby

    Chub lo-lite chair

    Chair sold.
  4. Duncan Dimbleby

    Chub lo-lite chair

    One of the lightest chairs made. All legs work fine and is in used but really nice, cared for condition. £20 collected Windsor area. Pics on request.
  5. Duncan Dimbleby

    Small Wychwood two rod quiver

    This a lovely small, light weight rod quiver for two rods and will hold a couple of bank sticks, your net and a handle. Used but not abused, no marks and in really almost pristine condition. £15 collected Windsor area. Can send you pics on request.
  6. Duncan Dimbleby

    Peripheral noise spooking fish.

    I think fish spook instinctively depending on their environment and what they are used to. Carp in a busy park lake will be used to screaming kids and barking dogs but a carp in a quiet, secluded pool, or a barbel in a small intimate river will soon melt away if a strange silhouette appears...
  7. Duncan Dimbleby

    Tench 2016 - 2018 and counting ......

    That's a shame to hear that about Blenheim.
  8. Duncan Dimbleby

    Long sessions - your tips for...avoiding mother nature

    A 10ltr bait bucket with a perfect fit peddle bin liner inside works a treat for me. Surprisingly comfy. Mozzi front on my brolly gives enough privacy. Double bag it, along with any other rubbish at the end of the session and straight in the bin as I leave the fishery. Wet wipes and...
  9. Duncan Dimbleby


    I've got the Nash metro barrow. Great day / short session barrow. Compact, well built and seems very robust. Also folds down small and flat when compared to some other barrows so great for the car boot. Comes with a nice insert barrow bag.
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    Lovely GE.
  11. Duncan Dimbleby

    Tench 2016 - 2018 and counting ......

    Lovely early season tench Steve. We saw 3 out on Good Friday whilst fishing lobworms intended for perch, biggest was a good six. Anyone still using bfw's sister site, tench fishing world ? Would be good to see that being used more frequently and livened up with a bit of banter. I'm...
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    4.06 from Good Friday....a new pb by 15oz's.
  13. Duncan Dimbleby

    Are targets important?

    Nice one Mark. Your little piece was very reminiscent of the big man's catch reports he used to post up. Those that knew him still miss him terribly, a 'proper' larger than life character.