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  1. Bob Brookes

    Andrew davis or Paul cook rod wanted

    Lee. I have an AJD Wallis Wizard that I could be persuaded to part with with the right 'encouragement'. PM me if you are still interested.
  2. Bob Brookes

    Fox inn on river trent

    On that stretch of the 'natural' river that flows around Newark there are few stretches where day tickets are available. Kelham Hall have a good number of pegs, Smeaton's Caravan park have 8 and there are others on the A1 fishery. The latter also have a stretch of the navigable river below the...
  3. Bob Brookes

    split cane rods

    ........but just occasionally someones comes up and says, 'I've got one of those in my wardrobe, would you be interested?' I acquired a Sharpe's Avon and a James Mk4 carp like that, very cheaply. When that happens I forgive the dog a lick of my boilies!
  4. Bob Brookes

    Is it me? Is it real?

    What next, crocodiles on the Trent?
  5. Bob Brookes

    Spring is sprung

    The other year I was fishing and this little chap got his sense of direction wrong and dropped into the Trent. He did not seem to be a good swimmer so I fished him out with my landing net and repatriated him into the field behind.
  6. Bob Brookes

    All Time Favourite Piece Of Barbel Tackle ???

    Another vote for my I-power rods. They have been used so much they are in need of refurbishing. Most of my big barbel this season have been caught on a Sharpe's impregnated cane rod and a Mill tackle Barbus reel, so I guess that is my current favourite set-up.
  7. Bob Brookes

    John Cook

    Very sad indeed, I echo all of the sentiments that have already been expressed. I was never lucky enough to have met John but always read his contributions on BFW with interest. RIP fellow piscator.
  8. Bob Brookes

    Supersized supermoon!

    The last super moon saw me catching a 15.04 so I'll be there.
  9. Bob Brookes

    home page picture

    What a lump. Congratulations Jerry!:D
  10. Bob Brookes

    Deep Hooked Barbel

    Knowing where Steve usually fishes I would like to think that such bad angling practice is not the reason. However, my guess would be a soft bait and a 'confidence' rig which would avoid bolting, coupled with lousy bite indication. Still not good angling practice though.:mad:
  11. Bob Brookes

    Middle Trent

    At 73 myself, I can buy into your feelings about not wishing to fish through the night. I accept that it may be an efficient way of maximising your catch rate, but that is not for me. Personally I try to fish away from the crowds. On my first 6 sessions this season I only saw someone else on one...
  12. Bob Brookes

    Middle Trent

    It has been a slow start for everyone I think. The odd person has had a reasonable bag but not like in previous starts to the season. Blame the June high water making conditions not ideal for spawning. Personally my start has been a good one, although usually just the odd fish with a couple of...
  13. Bob Brookes

    River Trent

    John Where I have been fishing on the Middle Trent I have been catching just the odd barbel, not big catches. However, my first 5 barbel were all over 11.07 and had not spawned. My 6th was 9.14 and looked spawned out. I gather that those fishing the shallower stretches are catching more and...
  14. Bob Brookes

    Shimano xt-ra twinpower 4000 reels

    Not long to go now!
  15. Bob Brookes


    Hi Terry, Yes please, signed and numbered! Bob