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What conditions are best for cheese

what are best conditions for cheese paste.
I am catching good chub on it
But both interest from the barbel even fished over pellet as a change bait
Am I destroying my chances of barbel by introducing this this to a swim?
I know it's used a lot in Yorkshire rivers, but I am in Lancashire !!

Regards Dave

Terry Simner

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Anglers fish casters over hemp, and meat over hemp, so I can't see a problem with introducing feed pellets when fishing with cheese paste. Might be different if the pellets you were introducing were donkey chokers though 😂
I've caught some good barbel on cheese paste, but my belief is (from personal experience) that chub favour it much more than barbel do. I used to use it as a change bait, or more accurately, a bait of the last resort. But doing so means you only end up using it when the barbel ain't feeding... and so you increase your 'confirmation bias' i.e. you lose even more confidence in it when you still don't get a bite.
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That really fits my experience and is just what I am doing. That said a good rattling chub bite turns me around mentally on those tough days. Thanks Terry, much appreciated