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River pike

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
What an absolute beauty there Graham.
That last ten minutes was certainly well worth putting in. She’s a dam sight bigger than any pike I’ve ever caught. (I usually catch them by accident mind 😂

Phil Heaton

Active Member
My favourite winter river method is a trotted live or dead bait, usually an afternoon session going into dusk. As for avoiding smaller pike.... that's a question that's pained me for years, but keep going and eventually the odd bigger one turns up.

Paul Richardson

Senior Member
I fished the town stretch quite a few seasons ago and put out a chublet 4-5" on a paternoster( sorry didn't know the above rule)
No beep on the alarm or clip-out of the drop-off but I noticed the line was slowly moving upstream? - wound down to what I thought was a jack, ended up being a near 4lb perch. One of them bittersweet moments as the fish of a lifetime that had inhaled a big bait and a set of trebles.
I had to cut the hooks but I was so gutted I couldn't even take a picture.

Graham Elliott

Senior Member
There are still a few good perch there.
Best last year 3.7 on bleak.
But a much bigger one surfaced chasing the bleak. As it went down and the float sunk I struck. Nothing!

On the Thames in a boatyard a few years ago taking a youngster piking, the first 3 fish were circa 4lb perch all taking a 6-8oz roach ( only ones we could catch at side of boats)on trebles. Deep hooked so I know how you felt!