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Priceless tackle?

Not worth a fortune by any means, but something i would never ever sell, a set of 3 handmade river floats, given to me as a memento of the day, by a friend from a previous forum. Travelled from Liverpool to Derbyshire, just for a meet up, and a lesson in Centrepin fishing. Fantastic day, one i,ll always cherish. Thank you Chavender. :)
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Mark Anderson

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Hi men,

Gutted that last year my original nashy Titain gave up., and was binned . Iv still got the extended winter wrap and hockey stick supports , keep thinking they will fit my brolly system , but may well put it up for sale in the end.


Paul Whiteing

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Bloody Hell, i clicked on a "priceless tackle" thread in the Barbel Talk section, and found a motorbike forum. :eek: Have the mods ( excuse the pun ) all pee'd off on their scooters :D:D:D
It was kinda getting confusing, so I kickstarted another thread and wheeled the "bike" threads outta here :D

For fishing priceless stuff stay here - for two-wheeled stuff don your leathers/parkas and take ride over to the Social Board

New bike parking area