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Photos of river scenes

Graham Elliott

Senior Member & Supporter
Lower Severn for Zander.
Paul/ Rich now working for me thanks.

Steve Arnold

Senior Member
It was -4c when we left my house at 11 am, but the forecast promised 8c and sun for the afternoon.

When we arrived at my chosen swim the sun was melting the ice where the river had risen the night before. This swim is just downstream of a barrage and the water level change is almost tidal!

Garden milky air.jpg

The air turned milky with the vapour off the river, the earth gave off little puffs of steam as the powerful sun rapidly warmed our environment. It was good to feel the warmth again.

We caught fish, two barbel around 5 pounds and a chub of 4 pounds for me. Alistair had one barbel of 5 lbs.

But the warmth would only last until the sun dropped behind the hill to our south. Then the temperature dropped back rapidly to freezing , so we moved to Cajarc where we would catch the last of the sun.

Cajarc swim Jan 2022.jpg

Well, we caught the sun for an hour - but not any fish! Still, that view is a very pleasant way to end a days fishing! 😊

Steve Arnold

Senior Member
Saint Cirq Lapopie is considered one of the prettiest villages in France. At a loose end today so Sally and I took a drive up the hill to admire the view - again! We would at least have the sun on our backs at the viewpoint, very welcome on this cold winters day.

The village is high above the river Lot, from the viewpoint you can see many miles east and west along the Lot valley. Gives you an excellent understanding of the geology.......

to the West....

St Cirq view west winter.jpg

to the East....

St Cirq viewpoint winter.jpg

We needed a walk but the village was in the shade, that is frost you see on the field by the river. Fortunately the campsite was on more open ground with a wonderful panorama across the river......

St Cirq campsite view.jpg

I have fished this stretch a few times but only caught roach. There must be barbel here!!!!

St Cirq top of weir.jpg

Lovely winter afternoon in the sunshine 😍

Clive Kenyon

Senior Member
Only two calls today so rather than go home and be given jobs to do I continued down the Vienne valley in search of new areas to fish.


Now that the days are getting longer I will be able to spend a few hours on an evening after finishing my regular fortnightly Tuesday route.

Clive Kenyon

Senior Member
Its not that good Derek. These are just ordinary free stretches that can be fished by anybody. They are not those famous and exclusive club waters with a long waiting list and exhorbitant fees. 😉

Clive Kenyon

Senior Member
Just shows what is under your nose. I have fished this area for almost ten years and never realised there was this stretch easily accessed by car. It is a 12th century chapel stood in open countryside just 60 metres from the River Vienne. There is a stream entering the upstream border and about 80 metres of smooth, fast water with no obstructive overhanging trees to hinder casting. Looks like a barbel spot if ever I saw one.


This pound is the same one I fish about 1km upstream, but I hadn't been able to work out how to access other parts of it. This stretch will be deeper than where I normally fish and a hell of a lot easier to get to