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Photos of river scenes

Richard Bruton

Senior Member
An October morning from about 10 years a go. I'm sure one or two of you will recognise the famous venue.

Steve Arnold

Senior Member
Took a little exploratory trip downriver yesterday. It's the holiday season here in France, nearly every holidaymaker seems at the river by the afternoon, so although I fished it was more in hope than expectation. I hooked one good fish above the weir but the hook quickly pulled. Alistair had a small chub and 2lb barbel on sweetcorn. We were plagued with bites on the feeder, take the feeder off virtually no bites at all.

When the weather cools I will fish this beach......

Bouzies Bas.jpg

and this landing stage above the weir is handy now the river banks are so overgrown.......

Bouzies south.jpg