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Night Floats

unfortunately the electric floats I have seen (or have been posted on this thread) are all either too small to livebait with (a 2-4oz roach would pull them under) or too big ie made with piking in mind and I would worry about perch feeling the resistance and aborting the run. Large Drennan loafers set high are the ones for me, if you set them with half the float protruding you know if it goes under its a definitely a take not just a lively bait, and they wont offer too much resistance as they're only 8g loading. I have ordered some bulk chemical lights and I think I will just glue the tubes to the heads of a few loafers to safe buggering about with the electrical tape. As I re-discover every winter electrical tape glue ceases to offer any sticking qualities in the cold.
Hi George, .. I don’t often float fish after dark but have both this and last year utilised drennan sliding pike floats as a means of fishing for barbel in far bank slacks when there’s been constant crap coming down the main flow in high water conditions.
The float was just a means of keeping line off the water with rod positioned high and bait runner on. The rig was as per normal, with just the addition of the float and gripper stop set a couple of feet over depth.
Anyway,... I’m digressing as usual,... I also fished this rig into darkness and just added a cheap Lidl night light ( £2.50 per pack of 50) attached with a mini cable tie. Worked a treat, even though I wasn’t really relying on seeing the float go under, I could still see it on the far side of the river.
Hi George.. just noticed this thread and it is a bit late, but would one of these do for you ?


They may be a bit on the large side, I make them for night float fishing for Bass, they are next to some standard sliding pike pencils for comparison size.
They could be adapted from commercially produced livebait floats. The light is actually a beach rod tip light from the "bay as below..


All I did was to drill a small offset from centre hole in the top of the balsawood float body and epoxy the light in place, it has a single small hearing aid battery, which lasts for ages, and can be replaced easily, the light is waterproof and can be seen for probably 30 or 40 yards if neccessary.

I bought the lights in a bundle of 10 as per the link, so I now have 10 "bells " as well , not sure what to do with them yet, I may make a cheap sort of "Delkim" from them :0)


I've just come across a product called strontium aluminate. It's a luminous powder that you can mix with epoxy or varnish or even clear nail lacquer. I've ordered some from ebay. It's supposed to be better than your every day luminous paint and supposed to shine brighter and longer, I'll let you know when I've tried it.