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Night Floats

After missing a take perch fishing this evening as I couldn't see my float anymore and had (as always) forgotten to throw some more starlights in the bag I thought to myself 'there has got to be a better way'. So, aside from attaching a £7 isotope to the float, does anyone have any decent tips on seeing your float at night? Has anyone used the luminous adhesive tape for example? Any good? Glow on the dark paint? etc etc all advice welcome.
Use cheap glow sticks off e bay,
Yeah as mentioned before though I am constantly forgetting to top the bag up with fresh ones, I was thinking more along the lines of a permanent modification to a loafer so I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Sorry just realised I've posted this on the wrong forum, meant to put it on other species.
George I'm assuming you mean this sort of tape:

Can continue emit light up to 6-8 hours in dark.(Brightness will be weaker and weaker as time goes by.)
Turn on the light to re-charge phosphorescent stickers again and again. Each time about 20 minutes.

Tape will glow in total darkness after exposure to artificial or natural light - it is fully charged within 30 minutes.

So, if you've had the tape on the float exposed to daylight, it should be charged enough to take you an hour into darkness I would have thought.

Alternatively you can buy luminous paint (from China on Ebay) and paint the top of your floats. I've got some and am currently shining a table lamp on them to see how long the effect lasts (as I've never tried it, despite painting a couple!).
Forget the paint option (at least the one I have)!
Thanks for the warning Anthony, exactly the sort of info I'm after...I fear the tape may be equally as ineffective... maybe okay for about 5mins after headlamp charging but would be keen to know if its bright enough generally...

Oh and thanks for moving Paul much appreciated.
Old style, Richard walker wrote about laying the torch on the floor aiming across the water surface to illuminate the float,never directly into the water.But Starlights are the best answer, i have also tried the paint,tape and glow in the dark beads/tips all poor.Buy a box of 100 starlights and leave them in your rucksack.Askari used to deals on them and plenty cheap on ebay
Even using a powerful isotope you wouldn't be able to see float at more than about 15 yards. I used to use a powerful torch when after tench but don't know whether that would put perch off. Also that was in a lake so didn't have to move torch.
Yup okay thanks all...looks like its back to the loafer, electrical tape, and starlight for me then. Just thought it may be interesting to see if anyone had a silver bullet in their locker!
George I have found a torch light to be ideal if laying on or stet pegging, used this idea since the early 1950's, it was also an idea of Dick Walker. Still good today.
George I have found a torch light to be ideal if laying on or stet pegging, used this idea since the early 1950's, it was also an idea of Dick Walker. Still good today.
Perfect for one float, the issue is I often fish with two live bait float paternosters or one float paternoster and one free roving live bait which can make the head torch quite tricky.

I have just ordered some bulk chemical lights off the auction site so will be persisting with this method for now...maybe permanently modify some loafers with the chemical light housing tubes and some araldite...depends how proactive I am feeling...
Found its much better using a cheapo LED head torch, on low power mode, pointing/aiming at the float. :)
Reminds me of how we used to float fish at night when I was a kid, a good old fashioned bicycle headlamp that you could set low on the bank and aimed on the float.
As a kid we would use battery operated floats/lights, huge things in those days. Just did a search on eBay for 'battery floats' and they do still exist.
I did see an angler fishing frighteningly bright what looked like pike floats after dark last winter.He was fishing a far bank slack so i was unable to get close enough to see them.They were so bright they lit up his swim and could be seen from a very long way 50 yds plus. I thought i was at Blackpool.They are out there but sadly where i do not know
I've got a Coleman head torch with a red light option. Using a Drennan insert crystal waggler with a red tip it's surprisingly visible in the red light.
For lengthy sessions the tip can be pulled out and a starlight mini inserted in its place.