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Simon Archer

Senior Member
....Or the lack of it.

I have quite a physical job, and during the day have all good intentions of going fishing when I get home. The Trent is only 30 minutes away, but by the time I'm home I'm cream crackered and mostly can't be bothered. I have two dogs that need to be walked as well, and as I'm the only one able to take them, that doesn't help with a quick get away. Sometimes come the weekend, if we've had a gruella all week all I want to do is relax, so fishing once again takes a back seat. I'm finding it hard to get out. What do you all do when you can't be bothered ??

Jon Young

Senior Member
I’m similar mate. Was gonna go this evening but decided I needed a nap instead. Only just woke up and feel worse than I did before. I think you’ve just got to get up and go as once you arrive at the river you normally forget how tired you were. It can be hard to get the motivation though at times especially if the fishing has been tough

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
Keep it simple, and keep organised. Sometimes the thought of having to sort through gear and tackle can put you off. I try and keep everything ready so I can grab my stuff and go.

And try and mix up your angling chasing different species. I couldn't just fish for barbel all year, mixing things up and fishing thr seasons keeps me interested.

But there are times of the year when I'm chasing my tail at work, putting in long hours and feel knackered, I just don't go. And I dont put any pressure on myself to do so, after all it's supposed to be fun!

And I've also learnt that I dont fish well when I'm mentally tired, I can become lazy and make bad decisions..

And I do enjoy the odd round of golf and odd game of over 40's cricket which is a great contrast to solitary fishing.
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Tim Marks

Senior Member
Find somebody to fish with; preferably somebody good at fishing and with a positive mind set !

Look for new challenges - be that different species, or the same fish caught a different way or in a different place.

Be organised and keep good records of what you do and what you catch.

Im naturally negative and actually gave up fishing in U.K. for a decade. Now I’m back (last 18 months) enjoying it with a couple of close mates and it’s great.

One big lesson I’ve learnt is that you can’t catch them sitting at home…….

Stephen Crowhurst

Senior Member
I think we all struggle to remain motivated at times. Personally this time of year is a approaching a challenge. By the time I’ve finished work, got the kiddo to bed and got to the River it’s dark, on many stretches I’ve got just a couple or a few hours fishing before off time. It’s a lot of effort for two hours fishing but you have to just do what is available. That’s why come mid winter I’m chasing the Pike on lures, it’s just much easier to fit into my life and it’s active instead of sat in the cold.

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
I can always be bothered because it’s tough to get out as often as I’d like.
I have 3 kids and a 40-60 hour week job both obviously take priority over fishing so when the opportunity arises I’d go if my head was hanging off.
joe makes an excellent point re organization. I take my time packing after a session up so that it’s all ready to just add bait and go.

Rob Moore

Active Member
I make myself go fishing at weekends or go for rides on my motorbike (if it’s not raining 🌧) to avoid otherwise working long hours on my job. Once I get near to the river my enthusiasm rises like it just to do when I was young.

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
What do I do when I can't be bothered? I think about people I know who are no longer able to get on the bank, I think about mates who left us with ambitions unfulfilled, I think about the cold winter ahead just around the corner and get out there and do it!
I’m rather looking forward to a cold winter and it feels a long time since we had one. Love winter fishing, pike, perch, chub, grayling - can’t wait!

Chris Guy

Senior Member
I had a very pressured job for years but, fishing was my escape and a way to relax and chill. There are plenty of 'dog walkers' out there that will walk your dogs for a small sum.
Weekends after a gruelling week. Surely, sitting on the bank is more relaxing than sitting at home. Fish with one rod, and travel light, not with the kitchen sink. ;)

Jon Frisby

Senior Member
I made a point this year, just to go fishing when I want, not just do every weekend or set days. If I couldn't be bothered I just wouldn't go. The big thing is enjoying it, I see lots of anglers chasing fish and not enjoying it. They say even though I have caught a 14lber, I'd have rather caught a bigger one.
Just enjoy it and go when you feel like it, its surprising how much it can charge the batteries up.

Rhys Perry

Senior Member
Don't worry about it, sometimes it's good to not fish for a bit, find something else to fill the time until your motivation comes back. If we get yet another winter of endless floods I won't be doing much myself.

Ash Gould

Senior Member
You need to get yourself a fishing brick-


Alex Gowney

Senior Member
I find it easier to keep up the enthusiasm if I'm actually on a campaign. This may be barbel from a certain stretch, trying to catch a big chub from a hard water or just fishing for carp on floating baits. If you have no particular goals it can be difficult to remain enthusiastic. And as others have said, don't put pressure on yourself to go if you don't feel like it. I used to feel guilty almost, if say a Saturday was excellent conditions but I just preferred to stay and watch the racing and have a couple of beers. This was often in the knowledge that the following weekend, when my enthusiasm may have returned, was likely to be appalling conditions :(

John Hasler

Senior Member
I retired last year with the intention to fish a lot after a 2 year rest. A far I've been once as I can't get motivated to go. Mainly as I can't find anywhere I feel safe fishing on my own

Robert West

Senior Member
I’ve always enjoyed my fishing 2of my sons fish we go on our own and together which is great. The youngest is carp mad and the middle son loves the rivers so I’ve got the best of both worlds, and we’re mix and match.
For me I find it’s best not to limit myself to one species. when fish I don’t really mind what I catch or if at all.
It the whole experience I enjoy the day, even the blanks are fine.