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Light comfortable chair

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Terry Harman, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Terry Harman

    Terry Harman Member

    Looking for recommendations for a light comfortable chair......been looking at the fox duralight ... Anyone use one ?
  2. John Hasler

    John Hasler Senior Member

    I think this is the model I travelled some distance to buy only to find the stated weight of 3.2kgs was out by about 4 or 5kgs. So if you want a light chair I would check first.
  3. Dave Bartell

    Dave Bartell Senior Member

    Not sure you're talking about the same model there John, I have one and although I haven't felt the need to weigh it yet it feels nice and light when carried.
    It's a nice chair Terry and I've been complimented on it by several other anglers who have dropped into my swim to take a closer look. Only criticism is that is narrower than most which is a slight downside if you have a big-boned butt like myself but this may be accentuated by the fact that it has arms on it which may increase my perception of less width. The arms may also be a hindrance if you fish holding the rod at an angle. Apart from that it's a good chair and comfortable.
    Heavier, but wonderful in the comfort stakes is the JRC Stealth X-lite. It's no two-ton Tessie ( hence the model name ) but if you're prone to a little bankside siesta ( I am ! ) it can be dangerous as it can adjust back to virtually flat and you'll need an alarm clock of sufficient volume to rouse you !!
  4. Wayne Pevy

    Wayne Pevy Senior Member

    Nash indulgence light weight,comfortable and a built in carry strap,bit expensive but you get what you pay for
  5. Dave Collins

    Dave Collins Member

    I bought this chair for it's lightness and as you can see it only weigh's 3kg.


    Hope this helps.

    JRC Stealth X-Lite Chair

    Key Features
    Ultra strong but feather weight
    6061 Aerospace grade aluminium frame
    Ergonomically designed extra thick padded 600D polyester cover
    Fully adjustable legs
    Oversized swivel and fold mud feet
    Dimensions: 42cm (L) x 48cm (W) x 75cm (H)
    Weight: 3kg
  6. Julian Marshall

    Julian Marshall Senior Member

  7. Greg Buxton

    Greg Buxton Member

    Terry I bought a Fox Specialist Ajustalevel chair, without considering the weight....4.5 kg!!! I returned it. I bought the Fox Duralight 3.2 Kg and a very good chair. I also bought a Chub RS Plus Superlight for roving, stalking and long walk ins to swims. It is very good and only 2.26 Kg and £35.00, well worth a look. (see link)



  8. Jason Bean

    Jason Bean Senior Member

    For durability I can vouch for one of these


    I've had one since they first come out and it's still going strongand it's been used a lot. I prefer adjustable legs...only downside you have to buy the strap for it.
  9. David Maddison

    David Maddison Senior Member

  10. Terry Harman

    Terry Harman Member

    Will look at the jrc but like the fact the fox has arms quicker to get out of with my aching bones ... Jason I have the korum supalight probably the most uncomfortable chair I have owned I struggle to spend more than an hour in it
  11. Keith Humphreys

    Keith Humphreys Senior Member

    I personally don't like arms on a fishing chair for exactly the same reason (restriction of width) even though I am not a big feller.

    I recently bought the JRC Stealth X Lite chair and at 3kg it suits my roving tactics perfectly.

    Very light, very comfortable and if you shop around, good value ;)
  12. Paul Collins

    Paul Collins Senior Member

    Another vote for the JRC stealth X-lite.
  13. Dave Collins

    Dave Collins Member

    JRC Stealth X-Lite Chair

    Great chair very light and well made!!!! a big thumbs up from me.
  14. David Maddison

    David Maddison Senior Member

    I Waited till the right time and got mine for just £45! Bargin! :)
    And thats the recliner version!
  15. Anthony Higgs

    Anthony Higgs Member

    I have recently been on the lookout for a new chair as an xmas present from the misses ( I did have to tell her) I went for the korum roving kit. The lightweight chair is around 3.6lkg. But also comes with a rod holdal and rucksack. Not bad for £80 from foster of Birmingham. I always keep looking for easier ways to carry my gear and what I like about this you can attach the chair to your rucksack leaving hands free to carry even more crap with you
  16. Peter Brownbill

    Peter Brownbill Senior Member

    I've just bought the Fox Duralite,it's Lighter than my Nash chair ,like the arms aswell.Havnt weighed it but feels spot on .