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Let's discuss mainline...

Anthony James

Senior Member
I am struggling to find a mainline that I love and am confident in breaking strain, abbrasion resistance, low diameter and concealment. I don't really like to use braided mainline for barbel. I would love to hear what you guys use and trust for your barbel fishing! Cost of the spool doesn't matter for me, mainline is worth an investment.

To name a few that I have used;
Daiwa Sensor Monofil
Guru Pulse
Guru Drag 🥉
Pallatrax Gamma 🥈
Daiwa Hypersensor

Show me a line which commands a 🥇
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Simon Archer

Senior Member & Supporter
I used the bog standard Korda Carp line until I ran out of it. Perfectly adequate for me. I then swapped to Gardner GR60 and I like that. I’ve also got the ESP synchro XT in 15lb, and that’s good as well.

I never got on with Sensor, found it twisted up badly, but that could have been just me.
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Stuart Linton

Senior Member & Supporter
Hydrotuff and gr60 for life dependency. I would also add XT in 12lb after a horrendous battle with a carp and an unknown snag in the spring but haven't used it long enough to recommend whole heartedly.

Bill Walford

Senior Member & Supporter
Gardner Hydrotuff 10lb BS or good old Berkley Big Game 12lb for me 👍 have used both for a number of years and see no reason to change. If you buy Big Game make sure it’s the US made and not the Japanese made.

Mark Anderson

Super Moderator
Staff member
Hi men,

Other than a dabble with Xline , it's been GR60 in the green for decades , lower it in the edge and see how good it looks , and great abrasive resistance . God knows how long iv been using it , but Leslie's of Luton gave me a early spool of it to try.

In my carp fishing iv just switched over to Avid camo outline , and it's proving good as well.


Stephen Scaysbrook

Senior Member
Gamma Copolymer in 8lb small to medium rivers and 10lb bigger rivers. Been using it for must be 10 years now with no problem at all. My last load I got straight from the US. Pallatrax are as far as I know the only UK stockist if they do still stock it??.

Richard Dawson

Senior Member
I've been using 12lb Tournament ST all season, a couple lumps did me in snags but I was fishing too close to them to be fair.

15lb Tournament ST isn't too thick either.

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
Cat amongst the pigeons time. I never felt or have been lead to believe that low diameter lines for the poundage stated make reliable robust lines. I nearly always go by the diameters. Not pointing fingers but more a point for discussion.
I totally agree Stuart. And it is best to go by measured diameter rather than manufacturers claims.

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
And as I've posted before, what does 12lb or 15lb actually mean?