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Ste Whybrow

Senior Member
Hi all looking at buying a few weights for the tidel Trent,I’ve already got quite a few in 6oz if I need heavier what weight should I go to cheers ste ps will be fishing in flood also

Terry Harman

Senior Member
Not fished the tidal in flood..... 4oz worked for me in normal conditions

Jon Frisby

Senior Member
If it's where we mentioned Steve, 4 to 6oz will be fine in those areas. Might be worth a few 8ozs if it gets a little water on. When it floods the pace doesn't increase as much as the Middle Trent. Any other Qs, give me a pm.

Rob Weldon

Senior Member
Many moons ago,fishing rivers like the Yorkshire Ouse ,which comes up a bit quick at times ,you could be a bit unprepared ,so if 4oz was'nt holding add another 2oz on etc,found it no problem.