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In need of a new landing net head.

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
From 2002 a modified 32" Spoon (12-13mm aluminium arms) with internal reinforcement) and a bit later on a heavy duty extension to the handle.

View attachment 10408View attachment 10407

Made a solid spreader block out of solid aluminium which replaced the one shown on the net.

View attachment 10409

There’s ya perfect barbel net right there.
very nice Bob. I’ve got similar ambitions but with a length of 1/2 inch diameter titanium.

Jon Young

Senior Member
Hi Bill. I have the large folding net.
It measures 30" from spreader to cord, 30" at the widest point and 32" deep.

That net looks too deep for my liking. I’d get it caught on everything. I use the korum latex net like the op but hated it at first so brought the korum folding triangle which I loved but ended up losing along with my mat somewhere so went back to the latex spoon and don’t mind it as much now. I have been thinking of replacing it with another folding net and thought these looked good until I saw the depth of the net so probably go back to the korum folding triangle. Only problem is I can’t remember which size I had so need to see one in a shop before I get the wrong one


Jon Young

Senior Member
Not sure how I got my reply into the middle of johns quoted tweed but it’s in there if anyone wants to read it lol