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Help. Rod repair. Advice

Graham Elliott

Senior Member
Managed to snap a precious 14ft match rod six inches above the top joint.

Can it be repaired ? Happy if needs for the solid spigot is shaved down if possible and inserted in top section once re inforced.
Any recommendations?


Gavin Hoe-Richardson

Senior Member
Another vote for Chas Burns, he recently fixed one of my Torrix rods and did a superb job.

Bob Gill

Staff member
Sure it can be repaired in some way. Many factors will influence the result, but safest would initially seem sleeving the section. You could end up with a stiff or flat spot. If the break is clean and close to a guide then possibly the best situation. Clean work is essential.
I've done some that have stood the test of time, but there are risks of failure.
Good luck,

PS One of my Drennans went and I bought an Acolyte.

Graham Elliott

Senior Member
Yes. This is a 14ft Hardy Marksman float Bob.

The Acolytes have had lots of broken tip problems as raised on here.

This was my fault however. Perch fishing.
Rod high to net at distance and carp dived down to feet. Had the bloody carp to over 20lb before no problem

Will try the Yorks guy as others kindly advised.

Mark Harridence

Senior Member
There's a guy near us in Ross that builds rods and does repairs, his name is Dave Bone, may be worth a look he's on facebook.

Andrew Burt

Senior Member
Marty Mulcairn is a top guy and lives just down the road from you;

07979 946242