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Grayling for the pot

Mark Mole

Senior Member
I seem to remember that the Falkus & Buller book also has some nice recipes for cooking Barbel?!
And why not Richard,if it's OK to take grayling then surely it's OK to take any other species.We can't discriminate,that's like being some sort of fish racist!Zero tolerance is the only answer.
If you have livebaited, or ever knocked a fish on the head for deadbait......

And it wouldn't be the Barbel Society without internal fun and games. Not always fun for those usurped though.
Given that he's an ambassador for the BS Chris, he really shouldn't be posting pics of dead grayling up that he's having for tea.

This is the same bloke that went off on a rant a few weeks ago at the AT meeting, saying he wanted an otter cull.....very hypocritical of him to killing fish himself some weeks later.
Good shout on the FB observation page John.

Many years ago some raggie lads knocked on my aunties door in Thirsk stretched out a battered plastic bag , one of them said would you like to buy this fish for your cats it contained a good sized barbel, she did refuse, aren't barbel inedible for us two legged animals as well. No one goes bananas about cod caught from the sea at this time of year, so what is the problem with eating the odd grayling.

Bob Watson

Senior Member
I like to bear in mind that our sport is a bi-product of hunting for the pot. Take away the right to fish for the pot and you're a step closer to taking away the right to fish altogether.

If Des puts a pic of a dead Grayling on a Facebook fishing group, it holds the same relevance to me as a butcher posting a pic of a dead chicken. If people react with outrage, perhaps they should take up golf.

You can't compare (or take away the right of) your average angler taking a fish for the pot, to the actions of people indiscriminately pillaging waters for any and all species.
Don`t see the problem with taking a few fish for the pot, I would and have.

John Care

Senior Member
Don`t see the problem with taking a few fish for the pot, I would and have.
No one has a problem with taking trout or grayling for the pot, but if you're a high profile angler like DT is, you don't advertise it, like MM says.

Angling has enough problems without high profile anglers posting pics of dead fish up. What i find quite sickening is the amount of his fans crawling up his backside over on his facebook page, it's quite unbelievable.

Jon Frisby

Senior Member
Is it just me that finds taking fish for the pot wrong. Some of you say it's ok to take fish as long as you don't advertise it or don't get caught?? Where does that stand for say an Eastern European just getting a fish for the pot.? You know where the EA stand on taking fish and size limits? Where does it stop? I find it all totally contradictory.
What worries me is these fish are being taken for the pot!... surely they would be better off fried, grilled or at the very least wrapped in foil and baked in the oven.
It strikes me that some people actually believe that there's something illegal about these grayling being taken. The reality is that, unless a riparian owner imposes further prohibitions, it's perfectly legal to take two grayling of 30-38cm. Most coarse only waters do impose further prohibitions, but many mixed or game only waters do not. The latter are the type of waters where grayling are most likely to be present. Most of them explicitly allow the taking of trout and grayling, but not coarse fish.

The only way Des Taylor could have been doing something illegal is if the fish weren't between 30 and 38cm, the riparian owner didn't explicitly allow the fish to be taken, or that more fish than allowed were taken. Unfortunately, my eye calibration has expired, so I can't tell exactly what size the fish were. My eyes are good enough to tell that there were more than two fish in the photograph. However, DT explained that away by there having been three of them fishing, which would have allowed them to take six fish between them.

DT may well be a hypocrite. He may be ill advised in making a public post on Faceache. However, nothing he has done, in respect of these grayling, is illegal.