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Goretex jacket options

Chris Jones

Senior Member
I would have got one of the Helikon ECWCS jackets (in green). Unfortunately, in about six months of checking, no one seemed to have any stock. You've got to wonder whether they've been discontinued.

Nicholas Cole

Senior Member
Bought an ex-military used gortex jacket off ebay three months back. On its first proper use it kept the rain out but then all of the seam tapes inside have now fallen off. Looks like an hour with the iron and new tape to try to patch it up or a new coat will be required. Perils of buying second hand I guess.

Paul Thompson

Senior Member

Neil Blood

Senior Member
British Army DPM gortex from ebay (look for new unused). You can pick one up for around £30, wash it with Nikwax tech wash and then reproof with Nickwax wash in proofer. Had my last jacket for around 7 years and have just replaced in with another. Do the same with the trousers too.

Nick Coulthurst

Senior Member
I had a Helikon ecwcs for 2 years and it was excellent for the first year, then went downhill, being replaced recently. It was leaking at the shoulders and reproofing didn’t help.

Richard Parsons

Senior Member
Rich, You should know better mate! Did you not keep your old boil in the bag waterproofs? No? Me neither....Did keep my issued goretex trousers which I've just re-proofed again...still going well after 25 years.
Never thought I'd need them again, Tommo, as I wan't fishing at the time. An elementary error!

Ian Murfin

Senior Member
I'm extremely pleased with my Paramo. 5 years heavy use dog walking every day and no drop in performance. It doesn't russle like other waterproofs and a bit warmer too.

David Tainton

Senior Member
Worth a look on the Facebook page, Outdoor Gear Exchange, lots of bargains to be had, only tip, if you buy a second hand Goretex/ Event jacket then Nikwash it and tumble dry it to activate the DWR.
Keep smiling DT

Cliff Turner

Senior Member
Had a look at a Paramo following Ian's post, looks a very nice jacket (the Halkon), best price £280 on eBay, tempted but not yet !!

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
I use a Paramo Halkon jacket for work which often involves walking miles in some pretty dreadful weather, it’s superb gear imo, perhaps the best out there. But it’s expensive and I wouldn’t dream of using mine for fishing and getting it slimed up, snagged with hooks, dots of super glue on it etc...

I think you can get a decent discount of Paramo gear if your an rspb member.