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Fox Specialist Brolly

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Chris Guy, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Chris Guy

    Chris Guy Senior Member

    Having bought this item last autumn, I promptly bought a Korum 3 rod quiver to house it and the other ancillary angling hardware, as my old Wychwood would not house the brolly's special operating system. Unfortunately though the Korum was a quality product, it suffered as my Wychwood had. I ended up giving it away to a fellow angler, for Crimbo.
    Thus a chat with Fox was duly had, and they promised that their Specialist 3 Rod quiver would harbour my Specialist Brolly. It does but, there is no way it will also comfortably house four bank ticks, a landing net pole, plus landing net. And if you use long banksticks for those bigger rivers, forget it.
    Looking again at the pictures of this item online, you will see that bar the Fox Specialist Brolly, there is no other bankside hardware set in the quiver.
    As you might guess, I am far from happy with my purchases, even though the Specialist Brolly is an excellent product.I seem destined to have to cart it up and down the bank, stuck under my arm, or over my shoulder.
    Grumble over.
  2. Terry Harman

    Terry Harman Member

    Just recently bought the two rod drennan super specialist hold-all can't fault it......takes two made up rods brolly landing net handle and has a pocket for banksticks
  3. Steve Roffey

    Steve Roffey Senior Member

    I've got a Cotswold Aquarius quiver and my Fox Specialist fits, it's a little tight but still room for landing net pole, bank sticks, etc.
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  4. John Smith 2

    John Smith 2 Senior Member

    Esp quiver 3 rod( 4 or 5 rod if needed)
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  5. Chris Guy

    Chris Guy Senior Member

    I'll be looking at the ESP I reckon, the Cotswold is a tad over my budget. Cheers fellas.
  6. Iain Tutt

    Iain Tutt Senior Member

    I've used a two rod Drennan super specialist quiver bag for years. I carry a 60 inch sided brolly in the centre pocket with ease leaving room for bank sticks and landing pole.
  7. Terry Simner

    Terry Simner Senior Member

    Have you looked at the Korum 5 rod bag??...just checked, they're 35cm wide as opposed to 25cm with the 3 rod version.
  8. Greg Buxton

    Greg Buxton Member

    Hi Chris

    for the last two months I've been using the new Drennan 3 rod quiver (see link)


    I can get 3 made up rods (I normally only carry 2) on the outside, 4 x Banksticks , plus two large corkscrew guy rope pegs (for brolly) in one external pocket and landing net in the other (i sometimes carry 2). In the main compartment I carry a big heavy 50 inch brolly it is very bulky (as it is a 30 year old model) with a center tilt and solid alloy screw in pole, it weighs over 4 kilos. I still have room for a landing net handle to go in the main compartment with the brolly. Might be worth a look.

  9. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    I use a Drennan Super Specialist 3-rod quiver, but it's the old one. I'm a fussy bugger when it comes to fishing gear and last year I managed to buy another of these as I wasn't sure whether the new one was suitable. Ok, as a recommendation it's a bit academic as they are no longer available but it's my yardstick for comparison purposes.


    I had a 2-rod one previously but a) it was a tad shorter and it wasn't balanced with my large brolly and b) the bottom pocket for the rods was a single pocket and it didn't keep the rods intact (to my linking).

    So the one I use is "perfect" (for me), albeit having replaced the velcro rod bands with laces

    quiver_laces.jpg Ok, poor photo but you get the idea

    Why did I buy the old one again? Well to be honest I didn't get a look at the new one in the flesh and wasn't sure whether it was exactly what I wanted. As for the external pockets I had one once that had two pockets but one on top of the other - problem was when you put stuff in the inner one the outer one was useless.

    I carry two made-up rods, 60" brolly with sides, landing net handle plus extension, landing net, 2 storm poles, 6 banksticks

    So what do I look for?
    • centre compartment to take 60" brolly plus landing net handle
    • a separate bottom pocket for each rod
    • two external pockets that are separate and side-by-side, and NOT one on top of the other
  10. Dave Collins

    Dave Collins Member

  11. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    Cheers Dave. Now I have to decide whether to buy another spare. Decisions decisions

    If it lasts 5 years I'll be nearly 80 by the time I need it. Perhaps not. :p
  12. Terry Simner

    Terry Simner Senior Member

  13. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    My finger hovered over the "buy one" button too Terry :)
  14. Anthony Pearson

    Anthony Pearson Senior Member

    He who hesutates....

    All gone!
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  15. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    Makes my spares worth more :)
  16. Anthony Pearson

    Anthony Pearson Senior Member

    I'm quite happy with the Nash Spaceshuttle 5 that's kept me going for the last seven years. The brand-new spare is yet to see daylight.
  17. Terry Simner

    Terry Simner Senior Member

    Well I got the last one I guess..but I don't like it so it's going back! It's got a single large, wide pocket at the base for butt ends of made-up rods, and 2 pockets (one zipped) on the same size...plus large central compartment. If anyone on here wants one let me know before Monday (22nd).
    Think I'll get another Korum
  18. Nick Coulthurst

    Nick Coulthurst Senior Member

    Terry, I'll take it off your hands. I've had that quiver now for over 15 years and absolutely love it, so will be good to have a spare.
    Nick C
  19. Terry Simner

    Terry Simner Senior Member

    That's great Nick. PM me your address and I'll post it to you ASAP. We'll sort out payment when you've received it eh. It'll be £15.66 + cost of (2nd Class) postage.
  20. Dave Collins

    Dave Collins Member

    Terry it would seem you did not get the quiver in the picture.
    I've had one of the Super Specialist quiver's for a few years and its only got one pocket on the opposite side to the rods and three small pockets in the base for the rod butts.