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Centre pin advice

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Peter Brownbill, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Peter Brownbill

    Peter Brownbill Senior Member

    I fish for perch close in on the float,I use a marco cortesi centrepin, looking for something better,with maybe a line guard,looking for some pin recommendations
    Don't want a wide drum pin,any help cheers .
  2. Stuart Brookes

    Stuart Brookes Senior Member

  3. Gareth Collis

    Gareth Collis Senior Member

    J w young Trudex or Rapidex both 4in narrow drum, Trudex has lineguard & Rapidex has a caged drum can pick them up on eBay or other sites or maybe someone on here has one going? I would expect to pay £30 for a well used one or £50 upwards for good condition.
  4. Graham Young

    Graham Young Senior Member

    I had one of the Madfish pins, used it once and sold it as I didn't like the awkward position of the ratchet button, purchased a mint Berwick instead from E bay that has the button located in a much better place.
  5. Peter Brownbill

    Peter Brownbill Senior Member

    Cheers will take a look
  6. Iain Tutt

    Iain Tutt Senior Member

    Have a look at a TFG free flow CP. Nice and light.Very well made. Been told they are fitted with ABEC 7 bearings. Might explain why mine is very free running. A line guard can be bought extra
  7. Paul Collins

    Paul Collins Senior Member

    Sadly no longer available. I agree though that they're fantastic. I'd suggest the Classic model for the OP. Even lighter than the freeflow, quite free running enough and an absolute bargain at about £50 brand new.
    A quality bit of kit, I'm told they're built in the same factory as the Okumas.
    Sheffield 280 grams, Classic 202 grams.
  8. Peter Brownbill

    Peter Brownbill Senior Member

    Cheers I'll take a look,I missed out on a JW Young Last night,forgot to bid.Ive not really had any problems using without a line guard,ideal there's an option with the classic :D
  9. Nick Coulthurst

    Nick Coulthurst Senior Member

    Can anyone tell me whether the Greys Bewick is a true pin or a ball races pin ?

    Nick C
  10. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones Senior Member

    It's a true pin.
  11. Keith Humphreys

    Keith Humphreys Senior Member

    I have a Greys Bewick in mint nick that has sat in its box in the sideboard since I treated myself to a Young's pin.
    Make me a reasonable offer and it is yours(+p&p of course).;)
  12. Peter Brownbill

    Peter Brownbill Senior Member

    How much are you thinking Kieth,I havnt got an idea on an offer,cheers
  13. Keith Humphreys

    Keith Humphreys Senior Member

    PM sent Peter
  14. Peter Brownbill

    Peter Brownbill Senior Member

    Replied ,thanks