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Angling Trust scandal !!!

Clive Shipman

Senior Member
Probably been spent on salmon fishing

Jason Bean

Senior Member
you get the feeling this could be really bad for the angling trust, as much as I want to support them and have to join because of tickets for matches until there's some clarity on what's gone on it makes you want to cancel your membership

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
I’m going to suspend judgement until more information/facts become available on the unaccounted sponsorship money.

On the other points, perhaps the AT have lined up another sponsor who is prepared to invest more than Drennan International?

One fact I’m pretty sure of though is that in any sport, it is NOT the role of any sponsor to try and dictate who gets selected. That’s the role of the team managers is it not?

Terry Simner

Senior Member
I left just before Christmas. I sent them a highly critical email re. their published overview of barbel decline studies. They rang me soon after, and I talked to them (nice guy) for 30mins. I reckon by the end of the phone call he was in partial agreement with where I was coming from. I really didn't like leaving, but I didn't want to be associated with an organisation that issues tosh as they have.
Very, very sad news.

Paul Richardson

Senior Member
Our club recently voted us out of the AT due to their utter incompetence on the Swale grey seal debacle last year
very telling that only one member in a full room wanted to stay in, and he's an AT bailiff.

Dave Quinn

Senior Member
This should have gone to the police before it went on the radio with the AT given no right to reply

This isn’t a good look for anyone involved, especially if the claims aired on a national radio station are based on an anonymous letter. It could end up costing someone a lot of money and do a lot of damage to reputations

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
There is an important principle of British justice known as the presumption of innocence, e.g. innocent until proven guilty?

Other than one anonymous and illiterate letter...what evidence or suggestion is there that there has been any impropriety at the AT?

They have made public all of the Team England accounts for the past 5 years, what else can they do?

Drennan were presumably satisfied with the response given by the AT otherwise they would not have continued to sponsor them in 2018? Or indeed enter into negotiations for sponsorship in 2019.

The AT terminated the contract with Drennan, not the other way round. The reasons which, based on the AT’s statement, seem clear and acceptable. Can you imagine the sponsors of the England football team trying to dictate to Gareth Southgate about whom he should pick?!

Graham Elliott

Senior Member
Don't be silly Smarty.

If you actually listen to the radio piece that I responded too you would hear that that was the figure quoted as unaccounted for.

It was also stated that Drennan had not received an answer when querying the "black hole"

It also stated that "some" were suprised that the top two English anglers were not selected. It didn't say Drennan said that.
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